Statute of Limitations

Yesterday it was unusually gloomy in the Mile High City. It was cold, rainy and overcast in one of the sunniest cities in the nation. Of course, everyone was dragging, sluggish and gloomy – their moods matched the weather. But this morning, something amazing happened – SUNRISE.

America the beautiful

The deep purple mountains were topped with the most amazing halo of fluffy red, pink, orange and yellow clouds. This was the scene that inspired the lyrics to America the Beautiful, I’m sure. This awesome sunrise would not have been possible if it weren’t for the clouds.

We all have cloudy, gloomy days in our lives, days when bad things happen. It is ridiculous for us to think that we can go through an entire lifetime without feeling rain or seeing a cloud. The question is – do we also miss the sunrise that comes the next morning?

How can you stay positive when bad things happen?

Put a statute of limitations on your negative feelings. Some things require more attention and time to work through than others. Give yourself  enough time, but don’t give yourself too much time.

It is just as crazy sentence a 10 year old to life for stealing a pack of gum as it is to sentence a serial killer six months probation. We must assign a reasonable statute of limitations based on the impact and severity of the event.

For instance, does a flat tire in the morning have to ruin your entire day? It’s going to make you mad, but get the tire fixed, and give yourself no more that ½ hour to be upset about it. Time to move on.

If you lose a loved one, however, you need more time to heal. Allow yourself to mourn, but still give yourself a statute of limitations of about two years. If you still have trouble, get some counseling to help you through.

Some injuries leave scars

That doesn’t mean that you won’t have scars (from the death, not the tire for crying out loud.) But these emotional scars are like the scars from stitches, after a while, they no longer hurt but become visual reminders of your ability to heal and the pain that you have endured.

So, next time you break a nail or stub your toe – allow yourself to react, get mad, but then look up, find the sunrise and move on.


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