What is a universal law anyway? It’s a rule that applies to the entire universe. I happen to believe that both the universal laws and the universe itself was created by God.

Individual success is not a matter of luck; it’s a matter of design and learning how to make things happen. Knowing how universal laws work make success that much easier.

Universal laws apply equally to everyone, regardless of religion. Gravity, for instance is a universal law. Things fall down no matter what your personal beliefs. Gravity (and all universal laws) applies to you regardless of race, gender,political affiliation, level of education, or national origin. 

Things fall down, not up.

Universal Laws Don’t Require Knowledge or Belief

Gravity pulls things down whether you believe it will or not; whether you know it exists or not. Universal laws operate regardless of your knowledge or belief in them. Your knowledge in them will merely prevent you from misusing  these laws. It will (hopefully) keep you from jumping off the roof expecting to fly.

Successful people succeed by putting universal laws into action

Because they are universal, they apply not only to the successful, but to everyone, regardless of their success level. Because this is true, the only thing that stands between you and success is the application of these laws in your own life.

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Success is unique for each person

Before you begin to learn how to apply these laws, you should first really thing about what success means to you. After all, how can you tell if you are successful if you don’t have a clear idea of what success is?

Many people can define what success isn’t but really have trouble defining what it is. Think about what it means to you – money, respect, family? Write it out and compare your life to your definition of success.

How close are you to a happy life?


About living4bliss

Mental Health Food is the place to stop to get your bliss on everyday. I give tips, hints and sometimes a little silliness to help you navigate the challenges of life. We have a great community of positive bloggers that keep the bliss going all day every day. Make sure to visit their blogs, too. Mental Health Food is a product of Believing Life Is Setup for Success, Inc. (B.L.I.S.S.) in Thornton, CO. We have been in the business of teaching success since 1991. We provide workshops, consulting services and now videos that help people just like you start and maintain successful businesses and personal lives using what you already have. Enjoy a daily dose of Mental Health Food; nourishment for the mind.

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