The thermostat in your house controls the internal temperature of your house. You pick a desired temperature and either the furnace or the air conditioner will come on until the actual temperature and the desired temperature match.

You have a thermostat in your subconscious mind that works the same way. You set the desired temperature according to what you believe. If your reality is below what you believe it should be, your subconscious mind will generate the creative energy to change things.

If reality is above where you believe it should be, your subconscious mind will generate creative energy to change things. This is self-sabotage.

An example

Years ago, I had a low paying job and could only afford an awful rental house in a terrible neighborhood. Although I did the best I could cleaning and fixing it up, it was well beneath my standard of living, my belief in how reality should be.

Within two months, I had gotten a promotion at work and we moved into a more suitable town house.

We were dissatisfied with the situation and therefore generated the energy needed to change it.

You hear about it all the time on the news, those amazing people who beat the odds. They beat them because they set their thermostat to beat them. Listen carefully to their stories and you will hear it over and over.

This is a universal law. It works for everyone.


One of my students needed a job. The problem was that he had a criminal record and could not pass a background check.

I knew a guy who would hire him as a salesperson in spite of his criminal record.

My student felt that nothing good would happen for him, so he showed up to the interview wearing a hoodie (rather than a tie as he had been taught) and still was hired. Still feeling that the job was too good for him, this student missed the first sales meeting and of course was fired.

His explanation – people like me can’t keep a good job.

My explanation – he set his mental thermostat too low and when his situation was above where he believed it to be, he generated enough creative energy to cool it down.

I’ve seen this at work with math students who believe they can’t do math, with people in relationships who believe that they don’t deserve to be in a relationship, with people who believe that they should be poor. People don’t succeed because they don’t believe that they deserve to be in a better situation.

The limitations

What are the limitations of your success? Just like a thermostat has minimum and maximum settings, there are limitations, most of which are physical.

For instance, I am 5’1” tall. All the belief in the world will not make me 6’9”. That is a limitation. But if I wanted to be a star player in the WNBA, even at 5’1” I could.

Think of it this way – if other people can set their thermostat on millionaire, you can, too.

The other limitation is that reaching your belief level takes time. If you walk into your house and it’s 50 degrees, and you set the thermostat to 70 degrees, it will take time for the house to heat up. If you set your believe level to millionaire, and you are making minimum wage, it will take some time to get there, but you will get there.

How to use this

If you are currently in a bad situation, whether because of the economy or relationships or whatever, this will work, but it will take time.

First of all, you must set your mental thermostat high. You must believe that you belong in a better situation. You must see yourself at the level where you want to be. You must be dissatisfied with your current situation.

In later blogs, I will teach you effective ways to turn your thermostat to your personal high, but for right now, simply believe and imagine yourself in the situation where you want to be.

Then and only then will you generate the energy to get you there.


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