A Positive Life Starts With Each Positive Day

One of the most important universal laws is the law of focus. This simple law says that we move toward that which we focus on.

Think of a child learning to ride a bike. If he focuses on not hitting a pile of stones in front of him, guess what happens next? He hits the stones and falls off his bike. Why?

Because that is how we are made. Our eyes lead and our bodies follow. Simple as that.

You don’t walk down the street looking BEHIND you. You look ahead so that you can see where you are going.

 Eyes lead – body follows. You go where you look.

You don’t drive looking in the rear view, you look down the road. You go where you look, get it?

Your past is not your future

Many of my students stumble because they made mistakes in the past. Who hasn’t?

Your past is not your future until you focus on it. If you base what WILL BE on what WAS, then you are basically driving in the rear view in reverse.

If you want to change your life, simply look toward what you want, NOT what you DON’T want. Focus on where you want to go in life. Look at the road ahead of you.

Eyes lead, body follows. You move toward that which you focus on.

Don’t focus on the class you failed, focus on the classes you will pass and the degree you will earn because of it. The failed class is over and in your past. Focusing on it will just make you hit a pile of stones.

The past is over unless you CHOOSE to keep reliving it. If it was bad, why make that choice?

Easier said than done?

Painful memories can be stubborn. When you catch yourself focusing on negative or painful things (we all do from time to time), STOP and immediately think about something pleasant. You will be amazed at how quickly this technique works.

Control your thoughts, don’t let them control you.

Remove all the negativity you can

Negative people (haters) will cause you to turn your head in the wrong direction. They are always worrying about “what if” and “how.” Spend as little time with them as possible.

Haters hate because they are frustrated with their own lives. Rather than focusing their energy on elevating themselves, pulling you down to their level makes them feel superior.

Even blogging about them is zapping my positive energy, so I’ll move on and get my BLISS back on.

Find positive people to be around. They will pull your focus toward positive things and you will begin to ACT in positive ways. Just the act of looking for positive people puts you in positive motion.

Make sure that you are also sharing the love with something positive to say.

E-Quotes and E-Friends

I seek out positive people on Facebook and read positive quotes every morning just to make sure I am focused in the right direction and can move toward a good day.

Your positive friends can just as easily be people you know or complete strangers, but FIND THEM. One of my favorite blogs is called Optimism and Me by Roni Lynn. Visit her and be uplifted.

I also follow Sybil Chavez and the Possibility of Today on Facebook. She always has something positive to say to start off my day.

I’ve never met either of these ladies, but their energy can still make my day.

I hope I have become a positive friend to my followers.

Remember, negative focus is mental junk food. Stay away from it.

A smile is always free, pay it forward.


About living4bliss

Mental Health Food is the place to stop to get your bliss on everyday. I give tips, hints and sometimes a little silliness to help you navigate the challenges of life. We have a great community of positive bloggers that keep the bliss going all day every day. Make sure to visit their blogs, too. Mental Health Food is a product of Believing Life Is Setup for Success, Inc. (B.L.I.S.S.) in Thornton, CO. We have been in the business of teaching success since 1991. We provide workshops, consulting services and now videos that help people just like you start and maintain successful businesses and personal lives using what you already have. Enjoy a daily dose of Mental Health Food; nourishment for the mind.

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