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My younger brother was allergic to what seemed like everything: soap, tomatoes, citrus fruit, nuts, eggs and chocolate(funny, we are both middle-aged and I still remember the list). These things were poison to him, therefore he didn’t eat them.

Human minds are allergic to negative, hurtful, hateful comments about ourselves and others. They cause horrible mental reactions – low self-esteem, depression and in severe cases suicidal thoughts. Yet, we continue to eat them, we even give them to others.

Creating outside authority

Gloomy Gus


When someone tells us we’re fat, stupid or worthless, we buy into THEIR definition of us, gorging ourselves on THEIR negativity. Our lust for meanness has become a self-destructive addition. We accept these negative comments as if they were somehow Gospel, without thinking of how we destroy ourselves in the process.

If you think about it, we are willing to take someone else’s opinion about ourselves over our own. Then we make THEIR assessment OUR assessment, we allow others to create OUR self-image. We let THEM define who we are.

Get that monkey off your back!!!


You must treat all negativity as a poisonous substance. Don’t get near it, don’t touch it and definitely don’t ingest it. As of right now, YOU ARE ALLERGIC. Negative comments can kill you.

I know, I know. You come from an emotionally abusive environment. Who didn’t?

 But you can CHOOSE not to let that control your future. It’s so much easier than you think.

Three simple words do the trick every time.


Watch how easy this is:

You’re stupid. – No I’m not.

You’re fat. – No I’m not.

You’re worthless. – No I’m not.

These words are magic.

They shut down any argument immediately. What’s the other person going to say, “yes you are.” How long before that discussion turns into a Three Stooges episode?

These three words put you in control of your self-image.

Best of all, they’re free.

Don’t distribute poison

Our society celebrates the “mean girl” syndrome. We watch so many reality shows that we find it entertaining and somehow the norm to tear others down. It has become fashionable to be nasty.

Resist the urge to be nasty. Tearing others apart actually tears you down more. In another post I will talk about the universal law of attraction and how this stands in the way of your success.

For now, remember to treat others the way that you want to be treated and treat all mental junk food as if you were allergic to it.


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  1. Taquila says:

    You will find me in the opposite direction of negative people. When people try and say something negative to me or about me I tell them, “I don’t receive that” and keep it moving.
    Great post.

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