Joy asked me: How can you be successful in business if you give so much away for free?

 The answer is simple:

Every faith has a different way of describing this phenomenon:

reaping and sowing, Karma, I call it the boomerang, but the concept is the same:

Whatever you put out there will come back to you.

This is the foundation of the law of attraction.

I built my business upon it and it works. Again, the concept is simple, but it is a universal law, therefore it applies to everyone regardless of their belief or knowledge.

The Judeo-Christian law of reaping and sowing explains it best.

What do you get when you plant a seed?

Prenatal: Corn Field & Barn

Image by Jug Jones via Flickr

If you plant a corn seed, what do you get? Tomatoes?

No. You get corn. You get whatever you plant.

If you want corn, you plant corn. If you want tomatoes, plant them.


Not only  do you get whatever you plant, you get LOTS of whatever you plant. Enough to eat AND enough to plant AND enough to share.

So, if you go through life planting good things, helping others, being kind, being generous – according to the law, what will you get?

You got it. You will always have more than enough good things in your life.

Likewise, if you go through life planting evil, tearing others down, causing confusion and trouble – according to the law, what will you get?

Gloomy Gus


See why you must change your ways, Gloomy Gus? You will not get ahead until you stop tearing others down.

Now do you see how I build businesses by helping others? You can do the same thing if you wish.

Keep in mind, it takes time for corn to grow, so be patient.

This is not rocket science

Remember the rules of universal laws:

  • They apply to everyone
  • They work regardless of your knowledge
  • They don’t require your belief

‘Nough said.


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    Another great article….

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