He-Man Masters of the Universe Toy catalogs 002

Image by Rodimuspower via Flickr

I got my first Christmas catalog the other day. As a new grandmother, I really got excited. Aside from the fact that I will spoil my grandson with just about everything in the catalog, it brings back memories from my childhood.

Somewhere around this time of year, a wondrous thing arrived in the mailbox – The Sear’s Wish Book. This was what seemed like a thousand pages of the greatest toys ever made.

My siblings and I devised a system. We would thumb through that catalog and circle the toys we desired. We would write our names on the circled toys so that Santa would not get confused.

For weeks, we would talk excitedly about what we were going to do with the toys that we chose, how we would play with them. We imagined what life would be like if those toys in the Wish Book belonged to us.

The thought never crossed our minds that they were not ours or that we may not get them. We didn’t worry about the cost. As kids, we had no concept of money.

According to my mother, we never got everything on the list, yet I cannot remember a Christmas morning where I was disappointed.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Universe had a Wish Book?

It does.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that somehow the universe is going to run out of resources. If that should happen, our problems would be worse than anything I talk about in this blog.

The universe is abundant. There is enough in its catalog for you.

If you want something or need something, just circle it and put your name beside it. Don’t worry about how, don’t worry about the cost.

Visualize yourself in the new situation, happily enjoying your new life. Add intense pleasure and emotion to your dream.

If you can see yourself doing it, you can have it.

Never entertain the idea that you cannot have it. You can – it’s in the catalog.

Give yourself a due date, turn up your mental thermostat, become dissatisfied with the present and your old toys. You will generate the energy needed to accomplish your goals.

You’ll wake up one morning with your dreams under your tree.


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