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This is it. Post your praise for the 101 Ways to Praise challenge by midnight tonight.

I’ll post our results on Monday. Thanks for all the great Ways to Praise.

It is important to teach your children to be kind to others. Kindness attracts kindness into their lives which in turn builds self-esteem. The opposite is also true. No one wants to be around an undisciplined child.

We must be cautious when building self-esteem in our children that we don’t inadvertently turn them into obnoxious, self-centered spoiled brats.

Five tips for raising kind children

  • Don’t ignore bad behavior, but don’t harp on it. Punish it immediately; then move on. Don’t keep bringing up past mistakes.
  • When a child misbehaves, be sure to remind them that this is not like them and that they should do better the next time. Have the child think of better ways to approach the situation the next time.
  • Don’t call your child bad, instead tell him or her that what they DID was bad. Separate the behavior from the person.
  • Describe the good things that your child does to your friends and family. Don’t describe the bad things. Don’t allow friends or family members to tear your child down. Correct them immediately or stay away from them.
  • SHOW them how to behave, don’t TELL them. Lead by example. You must be kind if you want kindness from your children.

Don’t forget the 101 Ways to Praise Challenge We’re trying to collect 101 unique ways to praise your children by Friday.  If you reply to this post with at least one unique way to praise along with your Twitter ID and a positive link, I will give you a shout out on Twitter.


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  1. 1) Show you respect their talents and tastes by allowing them to create art in their own way instead of offering coloring books and craft activities.
    2) Avoid the temptation to teach your child to mindlessly follow rules. Reasoning skills will be needed in adult life, and those skills are taught in childhood.
    3) Don’t buy your kid the latest fad toy that they can’t live without today but will not want tomorrow. Stick to the tried-and-true developmentally appropriate toys that stimulate learning and the imagination.
    4) Cultivate the skill of listening to your children. They have much to say, and much to teach you.
    5) Don’t expect perfection in your child, and don’t let others treat you disapprovingly when you child acts out in public. It happens to every parent at least once.
    6) Remember that even the most annoying adult in your life was once an innocent little baby. What he or she is today has much to do with what the child WAS taught as was not taught.
    7) Children will meet your expectations. If you tell a child you expect him to amount to nothing, he will. I recently saw a 5 year old child with a t-shirt on that said “Property of Detention.” Guess where that child will eventually end up?
    8) Choosing quality child care means more than having an affordable place to baby-sit your child. Most days your child will spend more waking hours in day care than at home, so choose wisely.
    9) Read to your child! Tell your child stories. Cultivate in your child a love of language and of reading. These are skills that will be valuable regardless of his or vocation as an adult.
    10) Telling your child you love him is nice. Showing him is better.

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