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Taquila Coleman has some great thoughts on relationships today. Be sure to check her out. She also has some wonderful, heartfelt videos to share.

I wanted to end the week on a light note. Our children are now very successful at age 26 and 27.

Don’t kid yourself, raising them wasn’t easy. They are 10 months apart and often ganged up on my husband and me.

I often mixed humor and firmness to keep them on the right path. Judging from the way they turned out, it must have worked.

 Here are some one-liners I used along the way. Feel free to use them and by all means add your own in the comments:

In response to everyone else is allowed…

  • I’m not everyone else’s mom, I’m YOUR mom and YOU’RE not allowed.

In response to I hate you (at age 2 and all teen years)…

  • I’m your mother, not your friend. You’ll have lots of friends and only one mother. You’ll eventually get over it.
  • That’s sad because I love you enough to tell you no.

In response to I don’t see why I have to…

  • That is what I am for. Because I am older, I can see further than you and I see why you have to.
  • Because I said so. I don’t owe you an explanation, but since you asked…

 In response to it’s not fair…

  •  Did I ever tell you that life was fair? If I did I lied. My bad.
  • This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. I’m the only one that gets to vote. I vote it’s fair.

In response to how do I look (when my daughter knew that she was dressed inappropriately…)

  • Go ask your father how you look. I think you look fine. (This one always ended with her putting on more clothing and less makeup before dad saw her.)

In response to I hate school, I’m dropping out…

  • I hate work. I’m dropping out, too. LET’S DO THIS… Wonder how we’ll eat?

In response to temper tantrums of any sort (also at age 3 and throughout the teen years …)

  • While you have every right to express your displeasure, I have every right to enjoy a quiet and peaceful home. Your tantrum is violating my rights.  Feel free to express your displeasure in your room where I don’t have to see it. Please keep it down so that I don’t have to hear it either. You may rejoin me when you are ready to be peaceful and pleasant.

I love them to death and am very proud of them, but I am so glad that they no longer live in my house. I can’t wait until their children become teens so that I can hear THEM use my one-liners. LOL

Stop by next week to read about how beliefs can affect success. Have a very successful weekend. See you Monday.


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  1. This is a great post! Mom one-liners are the best.

  2. I really enjoyed this post–mom to two and four legged children! x

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