Path to Success
Path to Success

“As I think – I am.”

Looking at what you believe is crucial to your overall success. Beliefs come before action. If you act in conflict with your beliefs, you will eventually rebel and go back to the way you originally were.

True change, therefore must come from changing what you believe about yourself. Only when we change our beliefs will our behavior change.

Change your beliefs, your performance follows.

Most of us work for at least two weeks before we receive a paycheck. Why? Because we BELIEVE we will be paid for our labor. If we had reason to believe we would not get paid, how many of us would go to work? We act according to what we BELIEVE.

We suffer an identity crisis when we act differently than we believe. Our identity is determined by our actions.

We judge others by how they act, we are judged by how we act.

Take about 10 minutes to write a list of what you believe about yourself. Circle the ones that are empowering and cross off the ones that are paralyzing and hold you back.

I’d like to share a quick Native American tale that got me to thinking about the power of our beliefs…

Grandfather told his grandson that there were two wolfs fighting for control of his soul. One was good and kind the other mean and nasty.

“Which will win,” asked the child.

“The one that I feed.”

Which beliefs will you feed? Which wolf will survive in your life?

Decide today NOW that you are no longer willing to pay the price for your paralyzing beliefs. Stop feeding them immediately.

Visit Taquila Coleman’s blog for more ways to change your life.


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