The difference between a stepping stone and a stumbling block is how it’s used.

Be careful what you listen to, we tend to repeat the words that we hear most often. We also attract people by our words – positive people with positive words, negative people with negative words.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.

Success is a process that takes work and practice. Begin now to eliminate the stumbling block words from your vocabulary and build stepping-stones to your success.

Eliminate the stumbling blocks

I can’t

  • Can’t is a four-letter word that stops you cold in your tracks.
  • Every time you  use this word, put a quarter in the cuss jar.
  • Once you tell yourself that you can’t do something, your subconscious obeys you and makes it impossible to do.
  • Once you decide that you can’t do something, you will stop seeking opportunities to grow and learn in this area.
  • Can’t puts an impenetrable wall between you and success.

It won’t work

  • Another quarter in the cuss jar when you use this phrase.
  • It won’t work changes your attitude from seeking success to focusing on failure.
  • You will begin to list the reasons why it won’t work and find no reasons why it can work.

I should

  • This is only part of this sentence. The other part of the sentence is – but I won’t.
  • This phrase also deserves a quarter in the cuss jar.
  • You recognize the problem but you have no intention of changing.

I quit, I stop, no more

  • We use this phrase to stop bad habits and behaviors.
  • The problem with using this sentiment is that you leave a hole. You have nothing to replace the old behavior with.
  • If you want to correct a bad habit, you must replace it with something better or you will soon return to the old behavior.
  • All behavioral holes will be filled.

I have to

  • This is negative goal-setting.
  • Your subconscious mind has dignity and does not like to be forced to do things. It will fight back.

Do this, or else

  • This is another example of negative-goal setting.
  • You are creating a subconscious ultimatum and your subconscious will fight back.

It was nothing

  • You subconsciously minimize accomplishments AND maximize failures.
  • If you accomplish something, wallow in it.
  • Turn up the emotional intensity of your successes.

I’m afraid

  • Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown.
  • To progress in life, we must move out of our comfort zone.
  • Focus on happily arriving at your destination.
  • The fear will dissipate after you take the first few steps toward your goal.

There’s always tomorrow

  • Our friend procrastination.
  • Your subconscious will always fight to keep you in your comfort zone.
  • Procrastination is a trick it uses.
  • Fight back by doing something NOW.


  • When you have a goal, HOW will become apparent, although not immediately.
  • Never ask how you will do it, just move toward your goal, the path will become clear as you begin your journey.

Why me?

  • This stumbling block leads to victimization and depression.
  • Everyone has challenges in life and your challenge is not unique.
  • Why me is an indication of self-absorption.
  • You will never be successful if you believe that you are somehow the center of the universe.
  • Challenges are the free weights of life; they build the muscles of our character.
  • Instead of asking why me, ask what can I learn from this and how can I help others?

Keep the stepping-stones

The next time I will…

  • Use this phrase when you make a mistake.
  • Give yourself a new behavior to replace the old one with.

I want to

  • Makes tasks desirable to the subconscious rather than forcing yourself to do something.

Wow, I did a great job on that

  • Recognizing your accomplishments will build self-esteem.
  • Self-esteem is the beginning of success.

I can

  • Changes your focus to the positive.

It’s my idea

  • You will not move enthusiastically toward any goal that is not your idea.
  • You cannot thrive if you live someone else’s dream for your life.

Start NOW

  • Removes procrastination.

I can hardly wait

  • Gives you emotional excitement to work on your goals.

How can I use this setback

  • Puts control back in your hands.
  • Empowers rather than victimizes.

Your old way of speaking was a habit. To change your habit, you must practice your new way of speaking every day.

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