Last week one of my math students told me that he didn’t expect to get more than a C in my class.

“I’m a realist,” he explained.

 “Do you really think for one moment that it is realistic to predict the future?  How can you definitively say what the future will be with such certainty? Are you psychic?”

 “I’ve never gotten better than a C in math. I’m realistic and therefore I realize that I will never get any better than a C this time.”

He is basing his future on his past and he probably will not get better than a C. Not because he cannot, but because he believes that he cannot.

His past performance gives him evidence to back up his beliefs. He is convinced that he is right, and therefore his C will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

His subconscious mind will keep him from doing better. It will sabotage his ability to get an A or a B.

Pessimism in disguise

Many people who claim to be realists are actually pessimists.

“Realists” are actually people who base their future on past disappointments.

The future is a myth that we create in our own minds. We have the choice to base that future on any fantasy that we like. Realists choose negative fantasies.

The future only exists in your mind

The future doesn’t exist except in your imagination. If you choose to imagine one exactly like the past, you will live your life exactly like you did in the past.

Nothing will change.

You will focus on past failures and disappointments and move in the direction of those same failures.

You will block out new information that can change your direction.

Because you decided to live your life based on the past, you actually create evidence to support your negative view of the future. You give this evidence the name “realism.”

Is your “realism” holding you back?

You create your comfort zone of mediocrity and remain trapped, unable to escape what you have created in your mind. You have built a fortress around your own success.

By stubbornly holding onto the myth of realism, you become Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over until you decide to do something different.

Why not do something different?

The past only repeats itself because you believe it will.

You can choose to believe that the future will be better; you have the power to do this.

The future is your fantasy. You create it. Once created, you will move in that direction. Your subconscious mind will allow you to see opportunities to make it your new reality.

You will be given new evidence that supports your success.

If you are truly unhappy with your current situation; stop being realistic and create a new, brighter future for yourself in your mind.


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