Stop poisoning yourself with pessimism.

The poison of pessimism will kill your dreams. If permitted to continue, it may cause a general sense of hopelessness and despair. Extreme cases may lead to severe depression and even suicide.

To prevent pessimism poisoning, initiate a Pessimism Poison Control Center for your life.

For best results, administer antidotes immediately to prevent further damage to your mental health.



  • Hanging around negative people.
  • Running others down.


  • Change the people that you spend your time with.
  • Stop running others down. Stop allowing people around you to run others down.
  • Attract positive people with a positive attitude.
  • Build your own self-esteem with positive affirmations.



  • Circumstances are out of your control.
  • Allowing others to control your destiny and make decisions about your life.
  • General feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.


  • Place yourself in the position of power in your life and take charge of it.



  • Accuracy in identifying faults in current performance.
  • Unwillingness to improve upon skills.
  • Failure to master skills.
  • Making excuses for not getting qualified.
  • Low self-esteem.


  • Practice makes perfect. Continue to practice and track improvement.
  • Believe that you will be able to perform successfully in the future.
  • Get qualified (classes, mentors, additional practice, etc.)
  • Reinforce little improvements with rewards and self-praise.



  • Living in the past or present.
  • Believing only in what has been or what is now, not what can be.


  • Visualize a better future. Believe that tomorrow will be a better day.
  • Talk a good day into existence by greeting others in a positive light.



  • Belief that the current situation is permanent.
  • Belief that nothing can change and nothing will change.
  • Giving up hope.


  • Recognize that every situation will change.
  • Ask what you can do to change the situation and do it.



  • One problem dictates your entire life.


  • Change your focus to the positive things in your life. There are always more positive things than negative things going on.



  • Problems are personal. Somehow the universe hates you and is out to get you.
  • You have bad luck.


  • This is actually an indication of an overinflated ego. Recognize that the sun, moon and stars do not center around you, and that everyone has setbacks.
  • Use the law of attraction to focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Focus on helping others rather than wallowing in self-pity.

Always keep a generous supply of laughter and humor on hand for emergencies.

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Mental Health Food is the place to stop to get your bliss on everyday. I give tips, hints and sometimes a little silliness to help you navigate the challenges of life. We have a great community of positive bloggers that keep the bliss going all day every day. Make sure to visit their blogs, too. Mental Health Food is a product of Believing Life Is Setup for Success, Inc. (B.L.I.S.S.) in Thornton, CO. We have been in the business of teaching success since 1991. We provide workshops, consulting services and now videos that help people just like you start and maintain successful businesses and personal lives using what you already have. Enjoy a daily dose of Mental Health Food; nourishment for the mind.

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  1. RoniLynn says:

    Good post. I think the no. 1 issue that you listed would be hanging with negative friends/associates. That seems to be the root of it all. If you aren’t around someone who can be uplifting and supporting, even in good times, there’s NO way you can move forward as accomplish your goals. I think for most folks there’s a fear of not being accepted and maybe that stems from when they were younger. When you aren’t given positive reinforcement at a young age, you don’t know what to look for as you get older. I thank God for my friends as family who have always been in my corner. I can’t imagine life any other way.

  2. living4bliss says:

    You are very fortunate to have been surrounded by positive people.

    I had to learn later in life the damaging effects of being around negativity and decided to CHANGE who I CHOOSE to be around. You are so right, that has made all the difference.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Hey there administrator, I absolutely wished to firmly place a immediate note to firmly proclaim that I adored your particular posting. Thanks!

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