Most animals learn to walk at birth or within a few weeks of birth, while most human babies are not able to walk until they are around a year old.

Why is that?

Learning machines

Our bodies would be too big to fit through the birth canal if they were born big enough to support our heads, so we have to wait until our bodies grow before we can walk.

Our heads are so large because the human advantage over our predators is our ability to think and to learn. We need big heads in order to think big.

We are learning machines.

Limitless possibilities of childhood

Children have no limits on their dreams. They dream of becoming an astronaut, the president, a fire fighter.  

They refuse to accept restraint.

Schools kill creativity

As an educator, I am distressed by how our modern schools destroy a child’s natural desire to learn.

Toddlers learn on their own terms. They investigate, explore, taste, and then seek further guidance and explanation from authorities. They have a natural curiosity that we kill in the classroom.

We sit them at desks for hours, dictate what they will learn, when and how and then put debilitating labels (ADHD, learning disabled, etc.) on those who do not conform to our standards. We mark their efforts with red pens, and then grade their progress.

We take the value away from the knowledge and in so doing; we remove the natural desire for intellectual growth.

Don’t allow schools to dictate your child’s future

The schools are documenters, the parent is the educator.  As a parent, take responsibility for passing on knowledge to your children.

You must be proactive in your child’s education. Do not rely on the schools to give your child knowledge. Do not give them control over your child’s future.

Provide an enriched learning environment in which they can grow and learn. Take them to museums, plays, libraries, read to them.

Creativity takes practice

Creativity and ingenuity take practice. Children get this practice through play.

When I was a child, many of my games involve pretending – playing “house”, “cops and robbers”. Many of our toys were powered by imagination.

Unfortunately, most modern children’s toys and games (especially video games) are limiting in possibilities.  There are a limited number of buttons to push with a limited number of responses.

Technology limits a child’s ability to practice creativity. Limit your children’s reliance on video games for entertainment. Provide them instead with imagination stimulating toys such as blocks, crayons, puzzles, playhouses, action figures and lots of books.

If you love learning, so will your child.


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  1. This was an excellent article! Well said! I loved it!! It taps into the philosophy in my book, “Mother’s Dozen: An Easy Recipe for Raising GREAT Kids!” It addresses learning. I hope you’ll check it out!

    I’m subscribing to your blog via e-mail. Look forward to your next post!

  2. living4bliss says:

    Thanks for subscribing. I wanted to check out your book but I don’t have an iPhone or iPad. (yes, I’m the one LOL)

    I subscribed to your blog. I love to read positive information from positive people. It helps me to keep a positive focus.

    • Thanks for subscribing to MY blog!! Please leave me a comment once in a while. I like to know what my readers think. All my books are also available in print form–$7.95 to $12.95. Or you can download to your computer ($1.99). Thanks for your interest and support!

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