Einstein worked for years on his theory of relativity. Edison tried thousands of metals for light bulb filaments before finding success with Tungsten. Obsession builds success.

Are you under-living your life because you are afraid to chase you dreams?

Have you settled for a bland, mediocre life when your true passion became a challenge?

Are you settling for what is good enough, not what you truly want?

If you want true bliss in your life, become obsessed with your success and flavor your dreams with decadence.

Start with a vision

Many unhappy people know that they are unhappy but have no idea of what it is that will make them happy. Before you can follow your dreams, you must first have one that ignites passion in your heart.

Your vision must be your idea, not someone else’s. You must light the fire, you must have the passion.

You must start with a vision, an idea of what you want, not what you don’t want.

Start with what you enjoy doing, this is usually an indication of your natural talents. Imagine what your life could be with no limitations, no restrictions. Build your vision upon that dream, and then go for it. Become addicted.

Add pictures and emotion

Picture yourself where you want to be over and over. Invent your new life as a bedtime story that you envision each night.

All action begins with thought and all though begins with a picture and an emotion. The strongest picture determines the direction of your movement. You will move toward what you think about the most with the strongest emotions.

Think about your dream often and think about it with passion.

Familiarize yourself with the future

What you want must become more familiar to your mind that what you have. Spend every spare moment thinking about where you want to go. Obsess about your dream.

See yourself living your happier life. Fantasize about your future.

Physically visit new places, neighborhoods, jobs to familiarize yourself with your dream. Talk to people who are living the way you want to live. Focus on others who have succeeded and follow in their footsteps. Ask for their advice.


Focus on where you want to go and you will travel in that direction. You will invent the path to your goal.

Become like Bubba in the movie Forest Gump.  He lived, ate, slept and breathed shrimp.

Be focused but flexible. Even Bubba had to detour to the army as a means to make his shrimp boat a reality. The detour did not change the desire. Do not allow detours to change your final destination.

Focus on the ends (WHAT) not the means (HOW.) Worrying about how backs up your goals to meet the current reality. You will be stuck in the present.


Commit yourself to your dream. Do something every day, every chance you get to move toward your dream. Practice, read, take classes, join groups, but move a little closer to your goal every day.

Take action, have confidence. You cannot succeed without doing. You may have setbacks, but you will ultimately succeed if you are committed.

Overestimate your capabilities. The higher the hurdle, the higher you stretch. Even if you don’t make it over, you will make it higher if you set a lofty goal.


Celebrate small successes. Buy yourself an ice-cream cone, a new outfit or go to the movies.

Condition your nervous system to succeed consistently by reinforcing change immediately.

Comfort zone

Never say that the old way is best. This is a trick your mind plays to keep you in your comfort zone.

 Your comfort zone is a trap to keep you away from progressing. Don’t get caught up in the trap.

Control your thoughts or they will make you under live your life.


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Mental Health Food is the place to stop to get your bliss on everyday. I give tips, hints and sometimes a little silliness to help you navigate the challenges of life. We have a great community of positive bloggers that keep the bliss going all day every day. Make sure to visit their blogs, too. Mental Health Food is a product of Believing Life Is Setup for Success, Inc. (B.L.I.S.S.) in Thornton, CO. We have been in the business of teaching success since 1991. We provide workshops, consulting services and now videos that help people just like you start and maintain successful businesses and personal lives using what you already have. Enjoy a daily dose of Mental Health Food; nourishment for the mind.

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  1. Wow!! That was a very powerful piece!! Loved it!!

  2. Taquila says:

    I love the way you break it down to understand. Great article….

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