I have two fish tanks in my home – a 55 gallon tank and a 100 gallon tank. The fish in the 100 gallon tank are twice as large as the ones in the 55 gallon tank because they have more room to grow. The container size determines growth.

A dream is a container where you release creative energy.


You decide how big your container will be.

Create big dreams.

Create a big container.

Create it correctly and set it strongly and you will grow into it.

You will release only the amount of energy required to fill the container. The bigger the dream, the more creative energy you release.

You will have only enough energy and ideas to do what you want. The more you want; the more energy you will have, the more you will accomplish.

Most people only develop 2% of their potential because their dreams are too small. Both greatness and mediocrity are determined by the size of the dream, not the talent of the dreamer.

Inner strength is the belief in your own ability to make things happen.

You can change your life. You can make you life the way you want it to be. You must believe that you have the power to do so.

If you don’t develop inner strength, your dreams remain small. You won’t allow yourself to dream if you don’t believe you can control or make it happen.

You are not a victim of circumstances; you are the consequences of your choices. You have the oars, row your own boat.

Although some situations such as major illnesses are beyond your control, your response to them and your interpretation of them is within your control. You are the master of your thoughts. You are the captain of your dreams.

The stronger you are inside, the bigger your dreams.

Your idea and your energy

Dreams must be your idea and your energy.

Telling others about your dreams will put unnecessary pressure on you.


We are unrealistic about our own potential. Our potential is virtually unlimited.

Set your sights high. High hurdles make you lift higher.

An effective dream must be close enough to see, but far enough to stretch.

Think ahead. Envision success.

You must be able to see yourself as successful if you are going to get there.

If you cannot see yourself living your dreams, scale back until you can see yourself there. You must be able to see the end.

 As you approach it, you can change the container size to a larger one.  You will grow into whatever dream you imagine.


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  1. Taquila says:

    Great article. I love it.

  2. Another great post!! I read this one to my husband. He was very impressed–kept saying, “wow,” “I like that.”

  3. Remember that I told you I read this post to my husband? He’s a runner, hiker (climbs mountains–10,064 feet is the highest he’s gone), and marathoner (he’s run the L,A. Marathon twice; training for 2012!). Well, he just told me that your post caused him to go farther that he had planned to go on yesterday’s run!! He wanted me to share that with you! I think your post will become a part of his psyche, and will push him to higher heights!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • living4bliss says:

      While I always appreciate kind words, remind your husband that HE caused himself to go further on yesterday’s run. At best, I gave him an idea, but HE was the one with the drive and the energy (motivation) to cause the results.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

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