Habari gani – kujichagulia: What’s the news? Self-determination

Self-DeterminationFirst light the black candle – the candle of umoja (unity) and use it to light the first red candle the candle of kujichagulia (self determination.)

As each candle is lit, shout harambee (let’s pull together) – this night it will be twice.

Exchange zwandi (gifts). We encourage the eldest guest to give a toast before passing the kikombe cha umoja to each guest. Then we discuss the principle of the day.

The principle of kujichagulia – self-determination

Kujichagulia is a red candle – a candle of struggle. It represents an internal struggle of self-determination.

Self-determination is the foundation for all success, no matter what the struggle. We determine our future; we are responsible for our own success.

We must accept this responsibility; if we fail, it is our fault, likewise if we succeed. We determine our future and our lives. We even determine whether or not to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

When we become adults, we become responsible. It is up to us to take care of not only ourselves, but our families. 

We must prepare for careers that will provide, not expect others to provide for us. We must develop skills and acquire education and knowledge in order to provide. It is not up to others to take care of you or your family.

Dependence on others enslaves you. You must never willingly enter the captivity of dependence on the government.

You must remain self-reliant in order to remain free.

Strive for independence, never for dependence. Government assistance is not a lifestyle suitable for a proud people. It is not for those who wish to remain free. Thee who controls your food controls you.  

Do not give yourself the option of becoming a slave. Do not teach future generations to be dependent either.

In living independently, we must not only educate ourselves, but we must establish businesses within our communities. We must support these businesses so that they can continue to provide jobs, dignity and stability.

Each of us has a personal responsibility and personal power to take care of ourselves. We must teach our children to do likewise through our examples. Otherwise we condemn our future to a life of voluntary slavery. This is not the legacy that our ancestors died for.

My kujichagulia resolutions

  • I will continue to seek knowledge that I can use to provide for my family and me.
  • I will continue to take responsibility for myself, my needs and the needs of my family.
  • I will continue to believe that I am in control of my destiny and will continue to plan my future.
  • I will take responsibility for making my community a safe and clean place to live and grow.
  • I will take responsibility for becoming a living role model for future generations. I will demonstrate how I expect my children to live through modeling correct behaviors.

Harambee. Harambee.


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