Head QuoteEvery thought that you have is recorded in your RAS, good or bad. If you want your life to go better, you must change the world that you create in your mind.

We think in three dimensions:

3D ThoughtWordsWords all thoughts begin with words. The words we chose have a powerful effect on what is recorded in our mind. We can choose the words that we use to mentally describe an event. Were we really seething mad or just a bit irritated? We choose.

Use intensifiers to increase the intensity of good events and tone down the impact of bad ones. For more information on the use of intensifiers, read my post on Purrs Not Hisses.

PicturesPictures are your brain’s way of storing your words. There is actually a neuron that stores your version of “reality” in pictures.

The pictures that currently exist in your mind about how life is were not intentionally put in. They were influenced by where you lived, who you were around, your family, what influenced you.

This is one of the reasons that it is so important to surround yourself with positive people. They will help you to replace bad pictures with pictures that are good for you.

As far as your RAS is concerned, the strongest picture is considered correct (reality) and you will move toward it. Once you change your reality picture, action takes place automatically.

Strongest WinsThe strongest picture wins.

You cannot permanently change behavior until you change the picture of what is good enough for you.

Emotions are how you feel about a situation. Emotion either attracts or repels you toward a particular goal.

Our beliefs control our emotions. They are the interpretation of events, not the actual events themselves. Beliefs cause us to function on autopilot, forming opinions without even being aware of it.

We are driven by our emotions, not by our intellect, so in order to change behavior, we must start with our beliefs, then our words, which become pictures which later become emotions.

All breakthroughs begin with changing your beliefs.

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  1. This is a really DEEP post, Saundra!! Love that quote, “You live your entire life within the confines of your head.” Very powerful!!

  2. I am constantly invstigating online for posts that can facilitate me. Thank you!

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