Confronting FailureIt is the second week of 2012. Some of you have already broken your New Year’s Resolutions; you’ve fallen off the horse.

If you have, get right back on and enjoy the ride.

When you fall off a horse, your subconscious mind records the experience as pain, and files it under pain.  Riding a horse is now associated with pain, you will avoid the behavior in the future.

 You will probably never ride a horse again; UNLESS – you get right back on.

By getting right back on the horse, you record new experiences in your subconscious. You record the pleasure of the wind in your face, the freedom, the fresh air. Riding a horse now is associated with pleasure. You will now SEEK the behavior in the future.

To overcome a setback, immediately replace the painful experience with an EXTREMELY pleasurable one.

So, maybe you gave in to that jelly donut or skipped a day at the gym. You fell off the New Year’s resolution horse.

You now associate your diet and exercise with emotional pain: failure, disappointment, lack of self-control, even despair.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Get back on the horse and have EXTREME fun.

After the jelly donut, visit a salad bar with your most exciting friends. Make it an adventure.

Take a Zoomba class and have massive amounts of fun with it. Let loose, and do it IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t beat yourself up

Put your setback into perspective. One slice of cheesecake isn’t the end of the world. Stop belittling yourself for a little slip up.

Instead, remind yourself, “this is not the new 2012 me. The next time I am going to choose the fruit cup over the cheesecake.”

Once you do, make sure to reward yourself with a big mental hug.

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  1. Good post, Saundra!! Resilience is the name of the game!! We must bounce back!!

  2. rumpydog says:

    It is tempting to just say to heck with it. Twelve Step programs tell members they can start their day over at any time. So no need to wait until the next new year to try again. Try again now!

    • living4bliss says:

      Think about how many times you fell down when learning to walk or ride a bike. You merely picked yourself up and start over again. Eventually you win.

      This, however does not apply to fighting tissue boxes 🙂

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