You can think positive as easily as negativeOur success and behavior is controlled by the pictures we store in our subconscious mind.

Behavior is controlled by what happened in the past (if it was good, we will seek it in the future, if it was bad, we will avoid it.)

In order to change our future, therefore, we must learn to change our past – at least how we recorded our past emotionally.

So how can we change our actions if the past results were not what we desired?

We simply rewrite history in our subconscious. We scramble our recorded mental picture.

With a little practice, you will master this technique and be able to easily change your destiny.

The subconscious records without question

The subconscious mind does not question us before it records an event.

If we say it was bad, it is recorded as bad and similar experiences will be avoided in the future.

If we say it was good, it is recorded as good and similar experiences will be sought in the future.

Reliving the past

When you replay an event in your mind, your subconscious records it as if it were happening again. One bad experience speaking in front of a group becomes 100 as you replay it in your head.

In order to change your behavior, you must recreate and replay a new version of the event and attach different emotions to the outcome.

Use the following steps to accomplish this:

  • Visualize the event
  • Create a cartoon
  • Minimize distress
  • Add music
  • Rewrite history

Visualize the event

Start by reliving the event in your mind exactly as you remember it. Envision it as if you were participating in it, not as if you are watching yourself.

How do you feel? Jot down your feelings about this event.

That’s all folks

Now imagine the same situation like a cartoon. Change every person that was in the event into a cartoon character. Change their voices to cartoon voices like Daffy Duck or Porky Pig. Make the people who upset you the most have the silliest voices. Imagine them talking after inhaling helium from a balloon.

Replay this cartoon in your head at least 10 times. The more times you replay it, the more effective this becomes to your subconscious.

The more emotional the situation, the more times the new version will need to be replayed.

Each time it is replayed in your head, it is recorded as if it happened again.

Back ‘er up

Now replay your cartoon in reverse. Then fast forward it as if you were searching for it on DVD. Continue to fast forward and rewind your cartoon at least 10 times in your head.


Now make anyone who upset you very small in the new cartoon. Make sure that their new cartoon character is very silly and very harmless (Tweety Bird or Foghorn Leghorn or Mickey Mouse are good choices)

Make your character very big and powerful. Look down on anyone who upset you. Tower over them.

As the silly characters talk to you, laugh at them. Imagine your laugh and your voice is very powerful. Keep their voices very silly and quiet.

Replay this in your mind at least 10 times.

Put it to music

Think up silly theme music for your movie. Pick a theme that makes you laugh.

Play your new cartoon in your head at least 10 more times.

How do you feel about the original situation compared to when you started this exercise? How have your feelings changed?

It’s really hard to continue with negative feelings once you changed the situation in your subconscious mind.

Use this technique to change the past

Now that you re-recorded the events in your subconscious, do not allow yourself to replay the original. When you find yourself thinking about the original event, simply replace it with your cartoon version.

Replay your cartoon several times daily until you begin to see a change in your behavior. As with any thoughts you want to store in the subconscious, the best time is first thing in the morning or right before bed at night.

You have effectively changed from avoid to seek. The next time you need to speak in front of a group, your subconscious mind will report that it was emotionally pleasant and that you should seek this experience again.

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