When patterns are broken, new worlds emergeWhat makes it so hard to keep resolutions is the fact that we look at a setback as a defeat and then give up. We throw the baby out with the bath water.

When people in the Bible messed up, God set them straight and sent them on their way with, “sin no more.”

When you mess up, it’s not the end of your dream, it’s just a setback.

Pick yourself up and start again. Go on your merry way and sin no more.

To stay on track, you must have the right attitude.

Attitude is neither good nor bad; it is simply the direction in which we lean. If we lean toward a behavior, we have a positive attitude and if we lean away from it, we have a negative attitude.

Your attitude is like a scale. It tips toward the side with the greatest weight. The strongest emotional picture has the heaviest weight and therefore determines your attitude.

Your attitude determines your success

Behavior is determined by pleasure or pain experienced in the past.

We have a positive attitude (seek) toward pleasure and a negative (avoid) attitude toward pain. Avoiding pain always wins over seeking pleasure.

To sin no more, you must make the pain of failure stronger than the pleasure of indulging in destructive behavior.

How can you do this?

In yesterday’s post, we learned a technique of changing our picture. We can use this same technique to attach extreme emotional pain to a negative behavior that we want to change.

Instead of changing reality into a cartoon as in yesterday’s post, change it into an HD movie, crisp and clear.

Envision extreme emotional pain caused by your destructive behavior. Imagine the worst possible outcome. Attach sounds and smells to your vision. Replay it over and over in your mind.

Your vision of pain must be much stronger than any pleasure you derive from your behavior.

Turn your negative behavior into your own personal nightmare.

If you have gotten off track with your New Year’s Resolutions, treat today as if it were January 1st. Start over, but don’t give up. Sin no more.

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