Good habits are easier than bad ones to give up

I have been posting all week about understanding our habits so that you can continue to keep your New Year’s resolutions. This post will summarize what you have learned so far.

There are 7 steps that will instantly make you successful in breaking bad habits:

  1. Abandon will-power
  2. Re- association
  3. Create doubt
  4. Reinforce change
  5. Scramble the patterns
  6. Replace
  7. Condition

Will power

Now that you know how the subconscious mind works, you probably already realize why will-power doesn’t work.

Will power attempts to change behavior. Behavior doesn’t change until the picture in the mind changes. To change the way you act, you must change the way you think.


Start with associating your old beliefs, the ones that created the bad habit in the first place, with massive amounts of pain. Associating pain with anything is the quickest way to change behavior (remember the toddler and the stove.)

Attach massive amounts of emotional pleasure to the new beliefs. Pleasure will attract you to practice the new habits.

Creating doubt

We must question our old beliefs if we want to change them.

Expose yourself to situations that will cause you to doubt your old way of thinking.

If you question anything enough, you will begin to doubt it.

Reinforce change

Reward change immediately, even little steps toward that change.

Your nervous system must be conditioned to succeed constantly. By rewarding the little things, you cause it to repeat desired behavior.

Scramble the patterns

Change the way your mind recorded past experiences. Read Scrambling the Picture to Learn this technique.


Replace your old behavior with new, more exciting and rewarding behaviors.


Reward new behavior patterns until they are consistent according to the Law of Reinforcement.

You may want to review some of my other 2012 postings (starting with January 2) for specific details on how to accomplish each of these steps.

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How are you doing with keeping your resolutions?


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  2. sounds good to me 🙂 I think we are on the same track

    • living4bliss says:

      So many people give up on resolutions that would improve their lives simply because they think they lack the will power.

      The truth is, we all lack will power and have to bring out the big guns in order to succeed.

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  5. This was good, Saundra!! I e-mailed it to a friend and posted it on Twitter.

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