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About 15 years ago, my husband and I paid off our house. We both had good jobs, our kids were healthy. Life was good – why rock the boat?

We were living in the present and the present was good. We had no intention of changing.

My husband’s uncle Wayne (who passed away recently) questioned the wisdom of our choice to “homestead” and with that one question, changed our lives. Until Uncle Wayne, we had planned on staying in our home until we died. After all, it was paid off.

That was two houses ago.

We still own the original one but by moving out of the present, we were able to purchase a more expensive home, sell it for a profit and then purchase our current home in just a few years. It is worth 20 times more than the original. (This started in 2000; I wouldn’t recommend that path today.)

Although our life was great, by moving out of the present, we made it even better.

Do you believe that tomorrow will be the same as today? Do you believe that nothing in your life can or will change?

Living in the present causes stagnation. Your life will stay the same. Things will not get better. You have limited your ability to succeed.

You are trapped in the present. You need a rescue.

In order to have a better future, you must move out of the present.

  • Never settle
  • Recognize the trap
  • Change your picture
  • Ignore society
  • Prepare for the future

Never settle

Living in today creates stagnation and not growth.

Even if the present is good, do not settle for the way things are. Look for even better things in the future.

If things are not so good today, they will change if you let go of the way things are. Never accept that things will stay the same as your reality.

The more you accept that things will stay the same, the more hardened this reality becomes in your mind.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, things will not change for you because they cannot. Your idea of reality determines the energy that you generate for change.

  • Believe that you deserve a great life, that you are entitled to success and that the current state of your life is temporary.
  • Even if life is good, look at what can be better. Make these things your goals.
  • If life is not so good, decide what you want in the future. Visualize yourself living that life.
  • Affirm every day that you will reach your goals. Believe it with every fiber of your being.

Recognize the trap

The way you think determines the way you act. The way you think today will determine how you act in the future.

If you think that things can never change, you will act accordingly. You will not act to make things better because you do not believe that they can get better. You believe that change won’t happen.

If you believe that tomorrow will look like today, you leave no room for change, no room for improvement, no room for hope or belief.

If you are currently happy and think that things will stay the same, you will not prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Living in the present causes stagnation.

You are trapped in the current state of affairs. You are trapped in the present, with no way out.  You are unable to move ahead.

  • Change is inevitable – whatever the situation, it will change. Look down the road, not at the end of your hood, so that you can see roadblocks before they arrive.
  • Preparing for change builds confidence. You will feel better about yourself when you are able to handle challenges with confidence.
  • If you have a wonderful life, think of ways to have more of it. How can you make your perfect marriage even better? How can you make your finances even more secure? What can you do to help others?

Change your picture

We think in terms of pictures. These pictures are attached to emotions. The strongest picture in your head determines your future.

If you allow your current reality (the present) to be stronger than the future, as you attempt to move ahead, you will back up to the current reality.

You will make excuses and find reasons not to continue toward your goals.

You will blame everything and everyone for your failure to move ahead, when the blame lies squarely on your shoulders.

  • Create goals and daydream about them often. Look at pictures of your perfect life as often as you can.
  • Make sure that your goals are your own and not someone else’s. Your creative subconscious will push back when forced to do something against its will.

Ignore society

Our society has conditioned us to focus on instant gratification.

We act according to today’s needs and today’s desires with no thought for tomorrow.

The popular sentiment is live for today.

What does that mean for tomorrow?

Living for today, means you are not shaping your tomorrow, it is shaping you. You are not in charge of your life.

You are not ready when you are laid off, you have no savings; you rarely think their actions through UNTIL you must face the consequences. Then you feel victimized.

However, by living for today you CHOOSE not to prepare for tomorrow, if you are not ready, it’s YOUR choice, YOUR fault.

  • Enjoy today, but look for tomorrow. Your tomorrow is your responsibility.
  • Slow down and think things through. Have a plan for your life. Your plan will change as you begin your journey, but always have a destination in mind.
  • Compare today’s rewards with bigger ones tomorrow and decide which is best for your life. Dropping out of high school means more time to hang out with your friends today, but it also means that you will not be able to get a decent job and live the life that you want tomorrow.

Prepare for the future

If you believe that things will stay the same as they are today, you are wrong. Things change, you must prepare. You must be ready.

You cannot live a successful life if you spend your time and energy on today rather than tomorrow. You have made it impossible to have hope.

  • You must prepare for the future, you must plan ahead. Get excited about what it will bring.
  • Live your life with a long-term focus. Make adjustments as you approach reaching your goals.

Tomorrow will arrive, if you are alive, you will be part of it.

What are you doing today to prepare for it?

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