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Successful people live in the future and talk about their future. They have a long-term focus. They have hope.

Successful people are always changing, always growing. As they move closer to a goal, they create new, bigger goals. They are never stagnant.

To be successful in life, you too must live your life for the future. You must envision a future so wonderful that you cannot resist it.

You must find the path to your inner sun.

  • Innovate
  • Create
  • Become dissatisfied


All success begins with a thought.

All innovation begins in the mind of the inventor. Every great masterpiece begins with a vision. Every great song begins in the mind of the composer. Every great dish starts in the chef’s imagination.

Imagination and forethought are the keys to greatness. Seeing the future in your mind before it happens is the spark that ignites the fuel to make it happen.

You move in the direction that you focus on. If you focus on the future and make it bright, you will move toward it.

Get in the habit of creating a mental picture of your future as rich as cheesecake drenched in chocolate fudge. (I love cheesecake.) The more irresistible, the harder you will lean in that direction. The harder you lean, the faster you will accomplish your goals.

Creating success

You will be drawn in the direction of the strongest picture in your mind.

Talking to yourself about your future and envisioning it constantly will create a stronger mental picture than your present situation. Once your picture of your dream becomes stronger than your present reality, you will be drawn to the future.

You will obsess with making your dream come true.

If your present reality doesn’t match your vision of how life should look, your creative subconscious will generate energy to change things. It will not rest until reality matches your vision of reality. It will find a way to make things match.

Don’t talk in terms of “someday… “ and “I will…” Talk about your future as if it has already happened.

When you talk about the future as something that will happen, you eliminate the conflict needed to generate energy. Your creative subconscious says “It’s not someday, it’s today;  therefore there is no problem.”

No problem, no energy. No energy, no change.

To create change, you must talk about the future as if it has already happened.

By envisioning an irresistible future as if it already exists, you are FORCING your current situation to change. You are generating conflict within your own mind; you are creating your own success.


The more time you think about the future, the more dissatisfied you become with the present. The more energy you will have to make changes and the faster you will move toward success.

If you’ve ever gotten a new, better job, you know the feeling. After you give your two week’s notice at your old job, you are so dissatisfied with it that you don’t even want to be there any longer.

You have created an irresistible future in your mind. You will not rest until it is reality.

Live in the future and you will live in success. Feel the inner sun; become the outer one.

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  1. Hanan says:

    Very inspiring, thank you 🙂 You are really right! I always wait and wait and wait… assuming that the changes won’t come anyway.. I should live as if they had already happened!

    • living4bliss says:

      You will live up to your own expectations. Live confidently. You deserve good things in your life. The changes will come. You are the one who makes them happen (or not happen.)

  2. Good and helpful information, Saundra!!

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