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In order to build anything that will last, you must first have a plan. Building a successful, positive life also involves planning. You will need a destiny plan to follow in order to build a lasting, successful future.

Once you decide WHAT you want to do with your life, your destiny plan will involve 5 steps:

  • Events
  • Emotion
  • Decisions
  • Action
  • Destiny


  • Pursue new experiences that will add to your reference list. Find ways to actually experience the future you want to have. Meet people that are actually doing what you want to do. Talk to them. Find out how they became successful. Successful people love to share their stories with others.
  • When you expand your personal experiences, you also expand your life. You begin to see other options that were not apparent to you before. You can always modify your plan to fit your new experiences.
  • When I started college, like many Freshmen; I had no idea of what I wanted to major in. By taking a variety of 101 (entry-level) courses, I was better able to determine my interests and my strengths and eventually pursue a degree in those areas.


  • We think in pictures and attach emotion to those pictures. As I have said in many posts, if you want to move toward a goal, you must attach strong emotion to your desire.
  • We are attracted to experiences with pleasant emotions and avoid those with negative emotions, so you must pursue new experiences that will build a strong emotional reference to your dream.
  • People who want to buy a house often spend months and even years driving through various neighborhoods looking for “For Sale” signs, visiting open houses, looking at real estate sites on the Internet. With each visit, they are creating a strong emotional attachment to their dream. They fantasize about how it will feel to live there, what kind of furniture they will decorate it with; they become consumed with their dream house. Eventually, this attachment becomes so strong that they find a way to get exactly the home that they dreamed of.


  • Decisions are the power that shapes your destiny.
  • Your current situation is a result of your past decisions.
  • Your future will be a result of your present decisions.
  • You did not DECIDE to be born into a failing school district, but you did DECIDE to play basketball with the fellas and walk past the library. You did not DECIDE to become a single mom, but you DECIDED to have unprotected sex. I am not judging you, but I am trying to demonstrate that in most situations, you do have a choice and making the wrong choices affect your destiny.
  • Life is not random. Do not surrender your future to fate. Start by DECIDING to take control of your future and deciding to plan for your own success.
  • DECIDE to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past. No one becomes successful on the first try.


  • All actions have consequences. Before you act, you must evaluate the consequences of your actions and their impact on your future. Slow down and think things through.
  • With a destiny plan, you can measure your actions against your goals. If they have the potential to move you further from your goals, re-evaluate what you are about to do.
  • It’s not my fault… is a cop out. You control your actions, no one else. Most of your problems are a direct result of the path you decided to take. If you are a single parent, it is because of the choices you made. If you were incarcerated, it is due the choices you made. If you are a drug addict, your choices caused your addiction. You can help it. You must accept responsibility.
  • You cannot control the actions of others, however. Do not try and do not accept responsibility for choices other people make. Some events in your life are beyond your control. It is not your fault or your choice if you were raped or abandoned as a child. It is not your fault if you have cancer.
    • It is, however your choice to let these things defeat you.
    •  You can always CHOOSE to find a way to overcome any negative thing in your life. Get counseling if you are having trouble. There is no shame in seeking help.
    • The easiest way to do this is to focus on helping others to overcome the same challenges.
    • Changing your focus will make so much difference.
    • ALL of your victories are a result of the path you decided to take. Take credit for every victory in your life. Although your parents may have supported you and believed in you, YOU were the one who earned that diploma. Give yourself the credit and give your parents the thanks.
    • You can invent and reinvent yourself by taking appropriate actions that move you toward your goals.


  • Although these steps are simple, I never said they were easy.
  • For most people, changing direction and creating a better destiny involves changing your entire way of thinking. Most of us have spent so much time mired in negativity that we no longer believe that a positive, successful life is even possible.
  • Not only is it possible, it is supposed to be the way you live.

Making something of yourself takes work, but you are worth every second. Take the time to plan your destiny today.

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