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Before we can truly begin to move toward what we really want out of life, we have one strong believe to wrestle with – the guilt we feel when we desire wealth.

Most of us were raised with the notion that “money doesn’t buy happiness.” Well, try to miss a few meals and feel happy. It doesn’t work.

If you are really honest with yourself, the things that you want out of life require money. Most of the time lots of money, but we feel guilty about wanting to be rich.


  • Poverty kills dreams
  • Entitlement
  • Plenty

Poverty kills dreams

Pretend that money is no object. What do you want out of life? What do you really want to do?

Travel? It costs money to travel. You not only need transportation and hotels, you need to be able to take time away from work in order to enjoy yourself.

Love? Love can’t be bought, but it is not free. Dating cost money. Supporting a family costs money. Gift giving costs money.

Health? Political issues aside, doctors and medicine costs money. Being wealthy means you can afford the best health care, you don’t have to make unhealthy dietary choices (Ramen noodles are affordable where organically grown vegetables may not be) or settle for unhealthy living conditions.

The list is endless.

The bottom line is that when your resources are limited, you scale back on your dreams – what you really want out of life.

In order to be happy, you must have the means to be happy. In most cases this means MONEY, either indirectly or directly.

One of the reasons that B.L.I.S.S. teaches successful self-employment is because we know that you cannot live a free life when you work for someone else. Not only do our jobs control our money, they control our time. Being self-employed puts you in control of both.

In order to reach your financial goals, you must first change what you believe about money. You must rethink what you have been taught.


One of the common threads among the wealthy is that they feel entitled to their wealth, no matter how they obtained it. They feel that they are SUPPOSED to have their money and they do not feel the least bit guilty about it.

Guess what? They are right.

They are entitled to be rich, but so are you.

Remember that the laws of the universe do not discriminate. If an heir is entitled to riches, so are you. To the universe, you are both the same. You operate under the same laws.

Those of us of the Christian faith often forget that God made Abraham exceedingly rich. We are supposed to have what we need and want. That is abundant life.

Many of us get confused between wealth and greed. This is why we scale back our dreams. We have been conditioned to feel guilty when we want what is considered excess.

You don’t have to be greedy to become wealthy. You don’t have to cheat people or take in order to receive. You can be wealthy and still sleep like a baby with a clear conscious.

When building your wealth, keep two simple rules in mind:

  • Make every transaction win-win: both parties are better off after the transaction. When I teach, I am paid by the student. I win because I receive money. The student wins because they received knowledge. We are both better off AFTER the transaction.
  • Be grateful: Gratefulness is more than just saying thank you. It is paying it forward by blessing others. It is showing the Giver that you are worthy of gifts, that you use them in the right ways. Think about it, how can you give to others if you don’t even have enough for yourself?


Those who believe that the only way to become wealthy is to take from others do not understand that the universe is plentiful. There is enough for everyone even if you cannot see it.

I don’t have to stop breathing so that you can breathe. There is enough air for all of us. My breathing takes nothing away from you.

Likewise, you becoming wealthy does in no way hamper others from also becoming wealthy. Your wealth takes nothing from them.

Science tells us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It merely changes form. Wealth is matter; it is a resource of the universe, therefore it is abundant. There is enough wealth to go around.

There are plenty of seeds in the universe. Looking at them you are unable to see how many seeds each one produces. If you plant just one seed, in time it will grow into a plant that can produce hundreds more seeds in its lifetime. The seed changed form and became more abundant. It produced more than what was planted.

If you invest a dollar, it too will change form. It will become abundant and produce more than what you planted.

You belong to this universe.

You have the right to plant that seed without guilt.

Dream about what you really want, plant the seed and go for it.

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  1. eof737 says:

    Wonderful project… I will read along.

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  5. Lily White says:

    What a great blog! Not only is it true, but it is inspiring. A great reminder to work hard for what you want! This blog goes along with one of my own blogs, Happiness and Satisfaction. Check it out:

    • living4bliss says:

      I visited your blog post and you are right, we have many of the same thoughts about control.

      Is there a way I can subscribe? I did not see a subscribe button and I don’t want to miss any articles.

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