Another Super Bowl is over. Congratulations to the New York Giants for a great game.

The Super Bowl is a fun distraction from everyday life. It gives us something to look forward to during the winter season. It is more polarizing yet more unifying than the general elections. It is probably the most American experience of each year.

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial American holiday. Most Americans celebrate it for different reasons – some for the commercials; some for the companionship; some for the trash-talking, others for the chicken wings, beer and pizza; but most of us gather in front of the television each winter for the Super Bowl ritual because we enjoy the competition.

There are two planes in which we can build success: the lower of which is the competitive plane.

Living in the competitive realm forces you to under-live your life.

  • Competition is a lie
  • Competition is reactive
  • Competitive wins are temporary
  • Competition destroys the future
  • Competition requires greed


While competition is essential for sports, it is the most destructive way to build your own success.


Your life is not a Super Bowl; do not place your success on the competitive plane.

Competition is a lie

Our culture glorifies competition. Only one winner, all others lose. This is the competitive plane.

Do not build your own success upon this model. To do so will limit you.

We are fooled because our media highlights success. Most successful individuals thrive on competition. When they are winning, they seem invincible. When they lose, they disappear from view. Many even celebrate their failures, watching them meltdown with the fascination of a train wreck.

Hollywood is filled with examples of celebrities who base their joy on success from the competitive plane. Once they are no longer on the A list, they resort to drugs, destructive behaviors and sometimes suicide. Even many who are currently on top of their game collapse under the pressure from trying to maintain their status in the uncertain and competitive celebrity realm.

Do not model your life after these people.

Strive to be YOUR best. There is enough success for everyone.

A competitive win is reactive

How many times has the underdog won the Super Bowl? If the most qualified team were guaranteed a win, the Super Bowl would have no viewers. It’s the uncertainty of the win that makes the game interesting. Super Bowl success is not based on talent or skill, luck is also a factor in the outcome.

This is great for a game, but if you base your future on luck, it is impossible to live in confidence and bliss. You cannot boldly claim a success that is not guaranteed.


Don’t base the future on things that you cannot control.


To live outside of guarantees produces unnecessary pressure and stress. One who is confident in their success has no worries. The competitive plane produces stress.

Competitive wins are temporary

The Super Bowl title only retains its significance until the next Super Bowl. Once the pre-season begins next fall, the competition for number one starts anew. Back-to-back wins are rare and no team has ever been the champion three years in a row.

Life on the competitive plane works the same way. A victory or triumph is temporary. The next game, the next win is necessary in order to retain your position. This victory is based as much on luck as skill, therefore success comes with stress.

The competitive plane ends in despair and defeat.

It is rare that any business can sustain number one status for a prolonged period of time.

The business world is filled with examples of mighty giants that cannot maintain success on the competitive plane. The once mighty Kodak recently filed bankruptcy, Hostess, and whatever happened to AOL and MySpace?

Competition is destructive to the future

Politics are an example of the overall destructiveness of the competitive plane.

Although the candidates often begin with positive messages, the nature of competition says that success depends upon winning, at all costs. Campaigns deteriorate into negativity, creating bitterness and hostility.

Basing success on the competitive plane implies that in order to win, someone else must lose. Just as there is only one Super Bowl winner, a win in the competitive plane ultimately means that someone must lose. On the competitive plane, there is not enough success to go around.

The one winner mindset means that all others must lose at any cost.

No matter who wins, the winner will inherit a country bitterly divided instead of a unified nation.

We all lose because the need to win supersedes the good of the land, no matter what the party. The future is irrelevant when you live your life on the competitive plane because wins are in present tense.

The competitive plane requires greed

The competitive plane is a lie.

The universe is not scarce. There is more than enough to support success for everyone. You do not need to take from others in order to win.

Greed activates the law of attraction so that it works against you. Without the law of attraction, sustained growth is impossible.

Just as a football team’s fans decrease with each loss, if you operate on the competitive plane, you will lose your ability to attract success each time you fail.

In the competitive plane, failure is eminent.

The competitive plane is on a lower rung of the ladder of success. You can move above the competitive plane.

Move into the creative plane

Those who live on the creative plan live more abundantly.

Their success is permanent, rather than temporary.

They can walk in confidence and share their abundance becoming a blessing to all.

The universal law of attraction is on their side.

Stop back tomorrow to learn how to live life on the higher, creative plane.

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19. Langston Hughes

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  1. You should only compete with yourself. Try to outdo your last best effort!!

    • living4bliss says:

      When my kids were in elementary school, they would get a reward when they got a better grade than the last report card OR if they got an A. That way they were doing their best and competing with themselves, not with everyone else.

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