Living on the creative plane is superior to the competitive plane.

I know this must sound slightly mystic, but it really is not.

The creative plane comes from a basic law of physics – the first law of thermodynamics:


“Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created nor destroyed.”


Those of us who feel that we need to take from others in order to succeed ourselves are operating under a misunderstanding of the universe. We think that resources are finite, that they will somehow run out and if we don’t get ours now, there will not be enough left for us.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Physics tells us that running out is IMPOSSIBLE.

If you give a competitive person a jar of dried corn, telling them that this is their supply of food, that person will consume it and eventually run out. If another person asked a competitive person to share this corn, the competitive person would refuse because they are of the mistaken impression that the corn is limited to what is in the jar. A competitive person can see only what is available now.

A creative person, given the same jar, can see BEYOND the kernels that are there today. That person will see that each seed is capable of producing not only food for the future, but hundreds of additional seeds, which in turn will produce a limitless supply of food.

A creative person will plant the seed with assurance that it ABSOLUTELY will grow into abundance. The creative person acts with confidence in the abundance of the world.

A creative person knows that any seed planted will grow larger than the seed. That is a law of the universe. It is not a mystery at all. Yet most of us choose to live in the competitive realm, under the misguided impression that the universe will run out of resources.

The creative person has no need to compete for food, nor withhold it from others in need. The creative person has no need to take seed from others; their own seeds will bear more than enough. The creative person knows that he or she has planted seeds that will yield much more in the future, after its kind and in its time.

A creative person does not panic when the seed does not sprout immediately. He or she knows that it takes time for a seed to grow. But IT WILL ABSOLUTELY GROW. The creative person will continue to water, weed and fertilize that seed because this effort will absolutely pay off.

A creative person does not live in stress. There is no need to stress when you know there will absolutely be more than enough to meet your needs. The laws of the universe will provide for you as long as you see the potential that you have been given.

A creative person’s success will grow by a simple duplication of the effort. They improve by the process. The first yield may require planting 100 seeds, the next perhaps 1000, later a million. Which each planting, the creative person finds ways to become more efficient, to improve. This growth is a natural process.

Any gardener will tell you that a gladiolas bulb looks nothing like the flower that it produces. The bulb is brown and ugly yet the flower is strong and colorful. Yet you cannot look at its present state and see what it will look like.

As a creative person that once lived in the competitive realm, I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE that whatever you need for your success is already in front of you.

It is a tiny seed but once it is planted and cared for it will ABSOLUTELY produce more than you need.

Plant with confidence and wait for it to grow.

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  1. Sunny Styles says:

    This is great. Thank you for being another visionary. We are the seeds, friend. Maybe you can guest post for me one day. I profile artists but love to write inspirationally as well.

    • living4bliss says:

      I would love to.

      I have just subscribed to your blog and am looking forward to your posts.

      I planted the seed of positive last September when I started this blog and blogs like yours are springing up and coming into bloom to brighten my day!!!!

  2. Great post, Saundra!! We are, indeed, kindred spirits!! It’s wonderful to know you are out there!!

  3. more than helpful, We love the way you write, its helping us make the connection. You little videos are cute, short, to the point, going to see you on youtube to. Thank you is not enough to show you from how energy how much we appreciate your work. You have offered a vibrational signal of prosperity and we have tuned in. Thank you ever so much for the inspiration, just discovering this is a treasury of gifts. A collection of treatments to guide us.We appreciate your work, we adore it!

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  5. […] Five Advantages to Living on the Creative Plane ( […]

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