You may be wondering where religion fits into Universal Laws.

The term Universal Laws as I use it is rooted in physics and biology.

Religion and religious faith operate on a higher plane.

Universal Laws do not conflict; most religions believe that God is the Creator of the Universe and hence the laws that govern it.

You can think of Universal Laws the way we organize our own legal system.

We have local laws, state laws and Federal laws.

Each set of laws is on a different plane; the local laws being on the lowest plane and Federal being on the highest. A local community cannot pass a law that violates Federal Law.

The Universe; likewise operates on different planes:

  1. The competitive plane is the lowest rung on the ladder. Most of mankind operates on this level.
  2. The creative plane is higher up than the competitive plane. This is the highest realm that mankind has control over.
  3. The spiritual plane is the highest level. It is essentially where God and the spirit world operate.

Any law that operates on the competitive and creative planes cannot violate laws on the Spiritual plane.

Because religious beliefs are such personal choices, Mental Health Food concentrates on the creative plane and how the laws work there.

The Competitive Plane

The animal kingdom and most of mankind operates on the competitive plane.

In the competitive plane, resources are scarce; therefore one must compete to survive. Since there is not enough to go around, in order for one to win, another must lose.

Animals and early man had no choice but to function in this realm. In the hunter-gatherer days, food was truly scarce and therefore tribes had to compete in order to survive.

Once man learned to domesticate animals, farm, store food and specialize skills, the scarcity disappeared and there was no longer a reason to compete. Yet most of us still operate in this realm even though it is unnecessary.

I suspect that we learned our competitive behavior from our society, our families; our culture. But it is a destructive way to live.

To live better, take a higher plane.

The Creative Plane

Because man is a reasoning being, he does not have to operate in the competitive realm. He has a choice.

The creative plane is the place designed for man. It is where we function best and live most successfully.

There is truly enough to go around. My breathing in no way threatens yours, so there is no reason for us to compete for air. There is enough to go around and we can both breathe.

I don’t have to take from you in order to have what I need; there is enough for both of us. It is not necessary to tear you down in order to build myself up – we can both reach our maximum potential without threatening the other.

Moving from the competitive to the creative plane was one of the most liberating experiences I have had. I can freely give, enjoy giving and absolutely know that not only will I have enough for myself, I will have an abundance because of my giving.

Living on the creative plane gives you the freedom to excel at all that you do. You are no longer trying to outdo others; you are striving to outdo your own best performance. The creative plane releases your internal joy. It releases you from the rat race.

The most difficult part of moving into this plane is unlearning your previous competitive habits.

The true power of the universe is unleashed by moving into the creative plane.

The Spiritual Plane

Religious beliefs are personal. People believe what they believe for their own reasons.

Beliefs cannot be forced upon others and I do not try. I am always happy to discuss what I believe and why and also to learn what others believe, but we must all realize the personal nature of religion.

I have very deep Christian beliefs but I respect a person’s right to believe differently than me. Differences in beliefs in no way threaten my own faith or belief system.

I happen to believe in an intelligent being called God who created and is in control of the universe.

It is fine if you disagree.

Your personal belief system determines not only if the spiritual realm exists, but what level of access, if any, you have to it.

Some religions believe they have access to this realm through prayer, others believe that you must access it through chosen intermediaries, some believe that you have no access to it, while others believe that you can become God.

Your religious beliefs also determine your morals and your values – what you deem right and wrong and the punishments and rewards for your actions.  They also become a part of your cultural identity as you practice rites and rituals associated with your religious beliefs.

These issues are well beyond the scope of this blog, so we’ll stay in the creative realm, understanding that the Spiritual plane has ultimate jurisdiction.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post, Saundra!! I thrive in the creative and spiritual planes!!

    Is #1 Terry McMillan?

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