Think of it—we have been given an extra day!!!

What will you do with it?

There are many traditions on Leap Day; a woman asking a man to marry her, wearing blue and yellow, but my favorite by far is doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

What can I do today, that I wouldn’t ordinarily do? Oh the possibilities.

Because I live my life in such a way that I pretty much do whatever I’d like every day, finding something new and different to do took a bit of thought.

Although this is a tough one, I came up with a list of 5 new things to do today:

1.       Light the fire pit in the middle of the afternoon.

2.       Take my class outside to see the sunset.

3.       Try Ethiopian food.

4.       Bring my husband a picnic dinner.

5.       Text my kids. (I have a dumb phone and bad eyesight. I know HOW to text but I rarely do. I have to be careful what I say in the message because they’ll think I have some type of terminal illness or something. I wouldn’t want them to panic.)

Trying new things is a way to help break old patterns.

It opens up your creative thinking to new possibilities and expands your world.

You don’t have to do anything dangerous and you don’t have to keep up with the new thing. (Maybe I won’t like Ethiopian food), but breaking free from your routine can be a very gratifying experience.

There is no reason to wait four more years to try something new, why not try something different every day?

What new thing would you like to try?

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2. Barack   Obama 9. Frederick   Douglass 16. Oprah   Winfrey
3. Martin   Luther King, Jr. 10. Dr.   Charles Drew 17. Paul   Laurence Dunbar
4. WEB   DuBois 11. Dr.   Bill Cosby 18. Maya   Angelou
5.Thurgood   Marshall 12. Alex   Haley 19. Langston   Hughes
6. Rosa   Parks 13. James   Weldon Johnson 20. Nikki   Giovanni
7. John Hope   Franklin 14. Malcolm   X 21. Marian   Anderson
8. Benjamin   O. Davis, Jr. 15. Sidney   Poitier

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11 responses »

  1. Love this! Thanks for including me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is good, Saundra!! Thanks for prompting me to think about doing something new!! I’m thinking. . .

  3. This is good, Saundra!! Thanks for prompting me to think about doing something new!! I’m thinking. . .

  4. Sorry about the double comment, Saundra. I don’t usually have to enter my info in order to post on your blog. Weird.

  5. I enjoyed this post! How did your texts to your kids turn out!? How about the picnic? Happy Leap Day.

    • living4bliss says:

      The picnic didn’t happen because of a busy work day for hubby. He’s in sales and nearing the end of the quarter (crunch time.)

      My daughter was more shocked that I had her phone number (she calls me at least 10 times a day, so I rarely call her) than the fact that I texted her. She also did something different, she actually posted to my Facebook wall. LOL

      My son hasn’t responded yet to the text. When I talked to him briefly, he didn’t mention it. He probably didn’t recognize the number because I usually call him from the house phone (yes, I still have one of those, too LOL) but you’d think he’d put my cell phone number under Mom or something like that???

      Enjoy your own kids before they hit their 20s. (Just kidding, my kids are great and keep me laughing.)

  6. cruz2lose says:

    sojourner truth? Whew…I may not win but I have learned a lot of black history!

  7. thanks for including me, what a great way to share! Hope you made full use of the extra day 🙂

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