The Hug Award

I was almost in tears when fellow blogger Celleste Alluvial honored me with the Hug Award. Receiving an award from a fellow blogger is touching beyond words (big girls don’t cry). The bloggers that have showered Mental Health Food are awesome beyond belief. I read them every day. For them to include me among their ranks means so very much to me.

When I read the requirements for the Hug Award, I was reminded of a song that my Uncle Nathaniel sings in church. The words go, “If I can help somebody, then my living shall not be in vain.”

This award means to me that my living surely is not in vain. Thank you Celleste and thank you kind readers for all of your love and support.

I will be passing this award along very soon.

I hope today’s post will help somebody…

You Are The Answer To Your Dreams

Last week, two enormous sun flares hit the earth. They were powerful enough to cause planes to be rerouted south of the North Pole because some radio transmissions were distorted or interrupted.

That day I made a purchase totaling $22.68. I handed the cashier a $50 bill.

For some reason the change amount came up as zero and my change didn’t get to slide down the little automatic sliding board at the end of the cash register. Maybe a solar flare hit the cash register.

A look of terror came across the cashiers face when she realized that the magic change counting fairy that lived in the cash register was on a lunch break.

Not to worry – she scrambled for her calculator – yes, I said calculator – to figure out how much change I should get.

I didn’t want to embarrass her by telling her how much I was owed, so I patiently stood there while she punched in the numbers on the calculator.

She triumphantly handed me my change and I resisted the temptation to give her three pennies. (I have to control my thoughts, too.)

I also no longer hand cashiers my change, tell them it’s wrong and watch them squirm as they try to figure it out. I am no longer a mean girl.

What would the cashier have done if the solar flares had shut down her calculator, too?

Does it make sense to dream of riches if you can’t even count money?

You have to be prepared for success before you get it. You may be the biggest obstacle to your own success.

  • Stop the blame game
  • Take charge
  • Take the right plane
  • Customize

Whose fault is it?

On the drive home I went into a mental rant about the educational system (I was alone, so a verbal rant may have gotten me locked up somewhere.)

After all, the amount of money I pay in school taxes could easily pay private school tuition; yet High School graduates cannot even count change.  I want a refund.

Then I stopped myself. Whose responsibility is it to teach people basic life skills?

You are probably not going to like the answer….

You are responsible

While we parents and schools should make sure that children learn basic life skills (counting money definitely falls into this category, factoring trinomials not so much), the ultimate responsibility for getting these skills falls on the individual.

We love to point the finger of blame on the outside world, when really the blame lies with us.

You are responsible for your own education, not the schools, not your parents, not anyone else – you.

If your parents and schools fumbled the ball, you need to pick it up and run to the end zone. It’s your life, your game, your responsibility.

Why don’t you have the skills you need? What is your excuse?

Who is going to pay you if you can’t do anything? Learn the basics and then learn more.

We cannot be successful in anything if we continue to expect everyone to hand us everything – knowledge included. We must become proactive in acquiring the knowledge that we need in order to succeed.

We live in the creative plane; your knowledge does not take away from the knowledge of others. There is plenty to go around. Have you gotten yours?

If you live in the United States (or most of the developed world) all the knowledge that you need is available to you. It flows in rivers. It is endless. Just pick it up.

The universe gives you the hammer and the wood; you must pick them up and pound your own nails in order to have a house, otherwise do not complain when you are exposed to the elements.

If you are going to be a good cashier, you must learn to count money. If the schools didn’t teach you, if your parents didn’t teach you, then you better teach yourself. You need to know these things.

There are libraries, books, CDs, DVDs, flashcards, tutoring and the Internet all crawling with information and knowledge, yet Snookie’s pregnancy sells magazines. Which is going to help you more?

Are you on the wrong plane?

Our society does not value knowledge. I bet Albert Einstein would only have 100 Twitter followers and 10 Facebook fans if he were alive. . I’ve never seen an educational video go viral on You Tube, but I see lots of videos of cats punching their owners with millions of hits.

Yet cashiers need a calculator to count change.

You do not have to live by these rules.

Get off the competitive plane and move into the creative one. Educate yourself.

You can free yourself from the slavery of ignorance and move into your wildest dream. You just have to make the effort to do so.

You can become a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist if you choose, but first learn to count change.

Abraham Lincoln did it without the Internet and he became president. Since you have the Internet, you can become president of the world if you’d like (I know there is no such thing, but you know what I mean.)

Principle # 5 – Customizing Universal Laws

Basic configuration must come before you can use the advanced features. You have to know the alphabet before you can read Socrates. No one will read it to you.

You can customize the laws of the universe but first you must learn the basics.

The Wright Brothers were probably laughed at by their neighbors when they first tried to build a machine that would fly.

But Orville and Wilbur knew aerodynamics and their neighbors did not.

Using this knowledge, not only could they manipulate the characteristics of the existing laws, they were able to capitalize on the failures of others to bring about their own success.

They made the impossible possible. You can, too.

It all began with them having a dream and taking responsibility for that dream. Then they took action to learn how to make that dream come true.

Dream the dream; then get the knowledge. The answers are here.

The first airplane flight lasted only a few seconds, but others were able to perfect it to the point where we think nothing of flying from LA to NY.

You can use this same principle to customize universal laws to make your life better. Build upon the successes of others to make your plane rise even higher, go to the moon, or Jupiter if you’d like. Orville and Wilbur paved the way, you can build on it.

Knowledge is a requirement of success. Knowledge is at your fingertips, but it will not be spoon fed to you. You have to scoop it up and feed yourself; the universe provides only the spoon.

Your answers are there; your dreams are there; take the responsibility to get them.

The sky is no longer the limit, thanks to a couple of brothers with the Wright ideas.

If you can choose to go to Jupiter, I can surely choose to end a blog post on a corny note.

Go get your dream.

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  1. cruz2lose says:

    Congratulations on your Hug Award…Happy Monday to you! : )

  2. This is well written and just beautiful! It sums up what I so passionately believe to be true. Many people who have done some of the most amazing things were originally laughed at, yet with knowledge, vision, and perseverance they accomplished what they set out to do. Thank you for mentioning my post. You do make the world a better place!

  3. Another powerful blog! And I appreciate your including me! Thanks! Hanna

    • living4bliss says:

      Thanks so much. I will try to visit you today as well.

      The reason I include you so much is that we are often on the same page.

      There are so many times when I read your blog and say “I just wrote an article like that that is scheduled for tomorrow.”

  4. Mira Jay says:

    For the good work, 3-in-1 Award…kindly follow this link
    & Congrats…

  5. We’re on the same page again, Saundra!! Education is very near and dear to my heart!! And have you heard Wintley Phipps sing “If I Can Help Somebody”? OMG!!!

    Congratulations on receiving another award!! Including yours, I only read seven blogs, so I don’t qualify for some of the awards because they want you to nominate 10 or more blogs. (Thank goodness for the Candle-Lighter Award!)

    • living4bliss says:

      You know how a song becomes someone’s song when they sing a solo in church? That song will always be Uncle Nate’s song in my mind.

      I will check out Wintley Phipps do you know if it’s on YouTube?

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