Around my house, the first day of spring is the signal to do 3 important things:

  • Clean
  • Plant
  • Dress up

Doing these three things is just as important in preparation for your warmer, optimistic new life.


I don’t particularly like cleaning, but I love the results of a nice, clean house, so I always do my spring cleaning first and reward myself with the other two – planting and dressing up.

Just like spring is a great time to air out your house after being closed up all winter, you also need to thoroughly air out your mind.

Step 1: Declutter

Mental clutter makes a messy mind that is hard to clean around. If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Throw it out.

Get rid of anger, hurt, sadness, complaining and despair.

Why are you keeping these things? You are not going to use them later. Don’t become an emotional hoarder. Get rid of the emotions that you don’t need.

Step 2: Organize

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, you have room to store your dreams. Start by arranging the ones most precious to you in places that are easier to reach. Store them on an open shelf so that you will see them on a regular basis.

Step 3: Scrub

Some stains are harder to get out than others, especially the ones that you let sit too long. Use some elbow grease and scrub negativity from your life. Sweep up doubt and fear into the dustbin. Throw nastiness into the dumpster.

Make sure that you use a strong cleaning agent to get rid of any stubborn stains caused by toxic relationships. Throw them out in the wash water.

Once you clean the carpets of your brain, don’t let people walk on them with their muddy shoes. Make them keep their dirt outside of your nice, clean mind. Don’t let them track their cruelty into your mental home.

Scrub out gossip, jealousy, hatred, ill-will. This is the nastiest part of the job, but your mind will sparkle when you are done.

Step 4: Air it out

Finally, open the doors of your mind to new experiences and let the fresh air in.

Trade in heavy winter dust-collecting drapes for some light-weight sheers that let the light in. They will refresh your mind as they blow in the breeze of contentment and satisfaction.

Don’t forget to wash the windows of your mind to allow the sunshine stream in.

Enjoy the pleasantly warm days ahead.


Now that your mind is nice and clean, you want to start planting a beautiful garden at its entrance.

Plant good things that will bloom all during the season for your maximum enjoyment of life. Make sure that the goodness you plant will reap fragrant beauty that can be enjoyed by all who happen to stroll past your gate. Don’t forget to plant nutritious mental crops that will provide for you during the cold months.

If you are a new mental gardener, the two easiest plants to grow are love and kindness. They require little maintenance and provide a bounty.

As you plant, don’t neglect weeding, especially those thorny weeds of anger, envy and malice. There roots are very deep and they grow aggressively. They will choke the nutrients from the very soil of your mind, so pull them each time you see a tiny sprout.

Add water and fertilizer and a little mulch if you like. Soon you will see growth.

Dressing up

For those of the Christian faith, spring is also the time for the Easter Holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. It is our celebration of new life in our faith.

What better way to celebrate new life than with new clothes?

In our family, this meant gathering at Granny’s house for an unofficial fashion show.

Starting on Good Friday our families would gather in Granny’s kitchen.

No one thought to stay in a hotel, we just crammed into the kitchen and sent the children outdoors to play. Mothers spent the weekend hemming and doing their daughters hair, children dyed eggs with their cousins and the men frantically searched for a refuge from the frenzy.

They could either watch Hee-Haw in the dining room with my grandfather or sit on the glider on the front porch, depending on the weather. To the men of the family (which were mostly in-laws) they were only safe when away from the hen-house kitchen.

Sometime on Saturday, the children tried on their new clothes for Granny’s approval before the unofficial Easter Parade. As a little girl, I loved to tap dance in my patent-leather Easter shoes and twirl around to make my new dress billow as Granny clapped in delight.

Since Granny lived a little over a block from the church, walking was our mode of transportation. The entire clan would strut down Sherman Street on their way to church dressed in our new, spring finery.

The Shiloh Baptist women greeted us as they passed on the way to their church which was a few doors from Granny’s in the opposite direction.

I loved the Shiloh women because they always had the best hats in their own Easter Parade. They just reeked of confidence under those beautiful, big, colorful hats, heads held high with smiles so bright you needed sunglasses (a no-no on Easter Sunday.) Those Shiloh women could teach Kate and Pippa a thing or two about hats.

After the cleaning and planting this spring, make sure that you put on your brand-new spring mental outfit of hope and joy. Don’t forget to accessorize with lots of excitement and energy. Twirl in your skirt of enthusiasm and watch it billow all around you, and get a big hat of confidence as well.

Don’t forget to tap dance in your patent-leather cheer.

Happy spring.

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  1. Beautiful post! I love the way you related the real things we experience to the mind. It was very well done. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this article and your wonderful use of metaphors. Every time you mention Granny, I smile.

  3. goodluckcharmsthatwork says:

    Fantastic advice! Thanks! You have a lot of great insight throughout your posts!

  4. Great post, Saundra!! I really liked the part about the ladies’ hats!! You should see the hats worn by the church ladies of Detroit!! Wowzer!! Aretha Franklin is from Detroit. Remember the hat she wore to President Obama’s inauguration?

    • living4bliss says:

      We were Methodists so they didn’t wear the really fun hats to church. The Baptist church ladies got the good hats. They were really somthing – the bigger the better with bows, flowers, lace. Those women would strut like peacocks in those hats.

      The good old days. 🙂

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