Today is National Create Your Own Holiday Day!!!

What fun!!!

For those of you who may be too young to remember this, Chuck Wagon was a dog food made by Purina. They don’t make it anymore. Click here to view the YouTube video of the Chuck Wagon commercial. (Is it just me or would you think about eating that for dinner?)

Decades ago, I worked for an advertising firm that created a holiday called Chuck Wago Days instead of the normal boring Founder’s Day.

They used the Chuck Wagon commercials as their theme. They created miniature refreshments (including decorated “donuts” made from Cheerios) and dressed up in Wild West clothing.

What a morale booster. Everyone had fun.

Whether you run a business or not, finding a reason to celebrate is great Mental Health Food. It’s like chocolate cheesecake for your brain without the calories.

For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, you know that I love to find goofy things to celebrate – Happy Umbrella Day is still one of my most popular posts of all time.

Wouldn’t it be great to create a holiday for your next birthday? After all, you are the “founder” of your life.

Not just a boring old birthday with cake and ice cream (although don’t get rid of those) but a full-fledged holiday? While you are at it, you should create holidays for everyone in your family – even the dog.

Holidays always start with a meaning. The meaning of your holiday could be “It’s a Wonderful Life” only that’s taken. This is a good time to look at how wonderful you are and attach a meaningful holiday theme to your birthday.

Even if your birthday is already a holiday (my daughter’s is May 1 – May Day) you can still revise it to suit your own needs and personality.

What should my theme be? Don’t answer that. I think I’ll choose laughter as my holiday theme (by the way, my birthday is January 26 – odds are that I will forget all of this by then, but so what.)

After you decide on a theme, you must have holiday colors. Even though blue is my favorite color, I think I will use bright red and cheery yellow for my colors. They are vivid and happy and will brighten up a winter’s day.

Next – the traditions. Every holiday needs a tradition or two. Balloons and dancing will definitely be in order. Maybe dancing in front of full length mirrors – yeah that will be more fun. Hula hoops!!!

My online friend, Pranjal Borthakur recently shared an Indian Festival called Holi with me. They decorate themselves with bright colors (originally made from crushed flowers but now are synthetic.) That would be a fun tradition to add to my day.

We definitely need to share on my holiday. I am all about helping people become successful in their businesses. Maybe we could have everyone like someone or follow someone that day.

Why wait? Follow someone online today.

No holiday would be complete without traditional foods. I vote for chocolate cheesecake and Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream. We should include some healthy food, too. How about a fruit tray with the fruits arranged as hearts and smiley faces?

Finally, every holiday needs a great name. I am going to call mine Blissday.

Happy Blissday to you. (Can someone remind me right before my birthday? – Thanks.)

Please, please come up with a fun day for your birthday (or next Tuesday) and share your ideas with us. We could end up with an endless celebration!!!!

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  1. I love Blissday! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Or any day for that matter. My husband’s birthday is coming up and you have given me some ideas to ponder. This is going to be fun! Thanks, as always, for including my wellness tip. You rock! Hanna

  2. Wonderful idea, Saundra!! Okay. My name is Joyce. My birthday has passed (Feb. 4), but I’ll take the first three letters of my name and call my holiday “Joyful Day.” You have to list 12 (I like dozens!) things that bring you joy.

  3. I love it. It never fails, you make me smile. I am having my mom over tomorrow for her birthday. I will have to ponder this tonight. Your idea is so much fun.

    • living4bliss says:

      Well, didn’t this post come in handy LOL. This may be the start of a new family tradition.

      My mom’s birthday is Wednesday. I will not be able to see her because she lives in PA but since her name is Gladys, I will call her day Gladday.

      I really thought this would be fun.

  4. pranjalbor says:

    It was really Awesome to have you as my friend, loved the way you want to Celebrate your birthday.. My all the best wishes to you and hope you will Share your Sweet memories with me and all the lovely friends in Social Media in future also.. My hearty regards and respect to you… Looking forward for more of your best.. Cheers Madam.

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