Jokes and pranks are fun, but not when they are mean. April Fool’s Day should be fun without harm.

Here is a great prank to play on your kids – be warned it’s only fair when they get you back. It will also make a great family video, but resist the urge to put them on YouTube. That is just mean.

This prank is best for school-age children. Younger children may not understand and get upset.

  • Start as soon as possible and solicit friends and family members to join in. The more people you get involved in this prank, the better.
  • Invent a story about a make-believe endangered animal such as a snipe (I’ve hear this also with a jack-a-lope, too.) You can photoshop pictures of existing animals as well to make the hoax more elaborate.
  • Here’s a story to get you started (feel free to edit or elaborate in any way you’d like):
    • There are only 2 snipe left in the world. If they do not breed soon, the entire species will become extinct.
    • Your local zoo has the female snipe in captivity and has spotted a male snipe in your area. They need everyone’s help to catch this male snipe and bring it to the zoo so that they can breed it and save the snipes from extinction. (You may even tell your children that there is a massive reward being offered to the person who catches the snipe.)
  • Make plans for your family to participate in the snipe hunt on Sunday. Build excitement by telling your children about snipe spottings near your home. The more you build it up, the more effective the overall prank becomes.
  • Here’s the best part – make up ridiculous rituals for hunting snipe such as shaking a paper bag and giving the snipe mating call (which can be any silly sound that you can come up with. You can even make up a snipe mating dance that must be performed in order to catch a snipe. You may wish to rehearse the ritual so that everyone is familiar with it.
  • On April Fool’s Day, take the family out to snipe hunt – it can be in your backyard or a park. Pretend to spot a snipe and “allow” your child to do the honors of trying to catch the snipe by performing the ritual.
  • After a few minutes, let your child off the hook with a hearty “April Fools.”

Make sure that your child learns how to take a harmless joke. Learning to laugh at yourself is healthy.

Warning – they will try to get you back, so watch out. As for me, I’m hiding for the rest of the day.

Remember, putting the video on YouTube is just mean, resist the urge.

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3 responses »

  1. I like this idea… Pretty cool… Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Forget about pranking the kids…I’d like to try this on my husband and his neighborhood posse of other husbands.

    • living4bliss says:

      This prank was originally pulled on adults. My parents fell for it when they first moved to IL. It can be modified in any way you can imagine for adults.

      BTW – YouTube videos are fine if they are over 21.

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