April is National Stress Awareness Month and Saturday is National No Housework Day.

Sounds like a combination made in heaven.

Not so fast – – –

When I get tired, it’s National No Housework Day. Sometimes it can become No Housework Week (I can’t take it after a week, too much of a good thing, you know.)

My husband and I don’t have a set chore list. When something needs to be done, one of us will do it. We both do laundry, dishes, cleaning.

Since there are only two of us, it USUALLY only takes a few minutes to complete a chore.


Both of us celebrate National No Housework Day at the same time, especially if No Housework Day then turns into No Housework Week for Two.

That’s what happened this week. He worked overtime and was exhausted and it’s finals week, so I have been writing exams and grading papers non-stop.

We found out that No Housework and No Stress Month cannot co-exist for very long.

When No Housework Week turns into No Laundry Week it also evolves into No Clean Sock Day. That in turn becomes We Are Stressed During National Stress Awareness Month.

On No Clean Sock Day, normal people would do a load of laundry so that they could have clean socks, right? That is if they were smart enough not to wait until an hour before they had to leave for work before checking for clean socks.

When people realize that there is not a clean sock in the house and it is an hour before they have to leave for work, they do a load of laundry that contains 2 pairs of socks.

Of course the dryer is going to eat at least one sock.

It actually doesn’t eat socks; it throws them into the side yard through the vent. It does the same things with bras and underpants. (I was wondering why my next-door neighbor spent so much time gazing over the fence into my side yard.)

Since our dryer has a hard time digesting four whole socks, one of us had to put shoes on without socks in order to retrieve the sock from the side yard. That involves figuring out exactly WHERE in the side yard the sock landed.

My husband is such a gentleman.

EXCEPT – he forgot to take off his dirty shoes before walking across the white carpet. National No Clean Sock Day just turned into Shampoo the Carpet Weekend.

Did you know that you cannot wash and dry 2 pairs of socks in an hour? BUT – you can use a blow dryer to get them ALMOST dry. They probably would have been completely dry if we had put them in the microwave, but that’s just pain gross.

No one but you will know that your socks are damp.

Did you also know that when you wear damp socks that your toes get really cold?

Do you know what toes do when they get cold?

They cramp up really badly as you are attempting to drive to work.

If you get to work without wrecking your car, you end up limping into the building. You have a choice – explain to people that you are limping because your socks are damp and your foot cramped up OR lie.

If anyone asks, I sprained my ankle playing basketball.

I will be celebrating the Easter Holidays this weekend and taking a break from blogging. I will be back (in rare form, I’m sure on Monday.)

For those of the Christian Faith, have a blessed Easter. For those of the Jewish Faith, have a blessed Passover.

For those of all Faiths; laughter heals all wounds, take lots of time to laugh this weekend.

I’ll get back with you on Monday.

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  1. I am so sending this to the wife.

  2. living4bliss says:

    You and the wife can celebrate National No Housework Day, just not on the same day and you’ll be fine.

  3. Mira Jay says:

    Enjoy Easter with 7×7 Award..Congrats
    Kindly check the following Link for details:

  4. I like the way you think, lady! lol 🙂

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