Recession Protection

How to Start a Business When You’re Broke

Beat this recession.

Become financially independent.

Spend your days doing something that will make you happy.

This step-by-step video will show you how to start your own home-based business doing what you love, even if you have little or no money.

Let B.L.I.S.S. show you how to:
  • Decide whether starting a business is the right choice for you
  • Create a Preliminary Business Plan that will keep you on track
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that cause business failure – the Seven Deadly Sins of Business
  • Find a great money-making idea that you will love
  • Check your idea’s marketability using Internet tools
  • Use the rational decision-making process to evaluate your ideas
  • Select the proper legal structure for your business
  • Find a great name for your business
  • Navigate through the legalities of business
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Find money to start your business even if you have bad credit

Visit our website to order.

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