As a college teacher, I hear my share of excuses. They all start with, but you don’t understand…

  • People from my neighborhood don’t…
  • People of my race won’t…
  • Women can’t…
  • Poor people never…
  • People my age shouldn’t…

I’m a very short (5’1”) African-American middle-aged woman. I have tons of excuses not to succeed, take your pick.

Discrimination does not have my permission to enter my life; therefore I have no use for the excuse. You may use any one of them to fail if you’d like. In the meantime, I’ll keep succeeding.

It takes just as much energy to think up an excuse as it does an answer. Why are you wasting yours on excuses?

If you want to succeed, lose the excuses and jump-start your dreams.

  • Don’t except limitations
  • Live on a higher plane
  • Be inspired

Don’t accept limitations

Danny (not his real name) was born blind. He could see shadows, but not much else.

His mother, wanting to protect him, reminded him of the limitations caused by his blindness.

  • You cannot play with the other children, because you’re blind and might get hurt.
  • You will never get a job because you’re blind.
  • You will never get married and have a family because you’re blind.
  • You will never…

Eventually Danny had enough.

He enrolled in college and got an apartment AND a job. He moved to another city, away from his mom. She actually stopped speaking to him but eventually go past it.

He earned his degree in computer programming. I hired him as one of the instructors at the community college where I worked.

Danny fell in love with one of the employees at the rehabilitation center where we held some of our classes.

They married and lived happily ever after; the only caveat to this fairy tale was that his wife was physically unable to bear children.

Once Danny refused to accept limitations, he began to succeed. His life became exactly what his mother predicted it could not.

Live on a higher plane

The universe did not invent discrimination, man did.

Competitive thinking: When resources are scarce, one must find ways to distribute them while at the same time conserving the energy needed to sustain life. The easiest way to do both is to systematically categorize people and then grant or deny resources based on these categories. No energy will be wasted on getting to know people, evaluating them on their merits, developing their talents.

By denying resources to certain groups, competitive thinkers reserve more for themselves. If they can convince people that they are naturally inferior, then it is even easier to take from them.

Competitive thinking makes you socially lazy. You voluntarily forfeit resources that you otherwise are entitled to because you surrender to your assigned category. People like me aren’t supposed to have good things.

You surrender without so much as a fight and accept limitations that others put on you. You allow strangers to write your autobiography.

Move out of the competitive thinking trap and free yourself in the creative plane.

Claim the success that is rightfully yours.

Creative thinking: Makes you celebrate that which differentiates you from others. You never look at your differences as shortcomings, but as specialties.

One year I decided to plant a blue garden. I picked out flowers that would bloom from early spring to late fall. At first, it was quite pretty, but eventually, it became very boring. Every new bloom began to look like the old ones. The lack of variety made my garden dull.

I eventually replaced my blue garden with one that blooms in different colors. This is so much cheerier than before. One week it may be white and yellow, the next week, red and blue, the next week pink. Whatever the color, the garden is vibrant.

We are different for the same reason. How dull life would be if we were all the same. We live in a wise universe in spite of ourselves.

Be inspired

Essential Principle #1 – Universal laws treat everyone equally.

If anyone is succeeding, then you can, too. Some use your excuses as power to succeed.

Where man says you cannot, the universe says you can. Do not empower man, he is of lesser strength.

We are all born with differences but no one has shortcomings. Shortcomings are an invention of competitive man, not of creative man. Shortcomings are beneath us.

Where you lack in one aspect, you make up in another. The universe is designed that way.

Danny’s blindness caused his hearing to become very sharp. If you are missing a leg, your arms become stronger. You have been given all the tools that you need to succeed; all you have to do is use them.

What others call weaknesses are gifts of the universe, not excuses for failure. Do not make the mistake of misusing your gifts.

Start by banishing won’t, don’t, wouldn’t, can’t, never and shouldn’t from your vocabulary. Then blaze a trail to your dreams.

Go ahead, succeed – I dare ya.

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  1. Wonderful post, Saundra!! Very practical AND inspiring. I loved the story about Danny!! “BE INSPIRED” is also my mantra.

    • living4bliss says:

      I held classes in a rehab center. People in all states of physical challenges – quadrapelegics (excuse no spell check in the reply section) blind, deaf, amputees, etc. At first I was amazed at what they could accomplish, but then I realized that there is very little that can stop a determined mind once it decides to do something.

      When I would get frustrated at stupid little set backs in life, I would often think of these amazing people and hang my head in shame.

  2. martingysler says:

    A very inspiring text to start a new day. Yes, I totally agree with you, apologies are never a good idea and they will never give us success in our lives. Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us, I will publish this message on my various social media.

  3. a Feisty says:

    First, let me say I like this post a lot. I like the ideas, the message, the story, the entire post.

    There are a few things I’m questioning. Like the quote: “The universe did not invent discrimination, man did.” — I liked it at first, but then I had a thought. Is that true? Man may have given it a name and pushed it on us from birth, but the universe doesn’t help those who do not help themselves…. that in it’s own right is a form of discrimination. If it were a person saying it it would sound like “I can’t help lazy people because they don’t work hard enough”

    Also, the thought that there are no shortcomings is another thing that made me think if that’s true. There are definitely things out there that inhibit people from accomplishing anything, the first thing I thought of was extreme mental retardation. However, when it comes to physical and/or aesthetic limitations that’s where I think there are no shortcomings, but if you’re missing 3/5ths of your brain then there’s not much you will accomplish.

    Throwing around ideas here. Inquiry leads to knowledge. I still like the post though and I think you would have been an excellent professor for me, I may have learned a lot more before I turned 27, but her better late than never.

    • living4bliss says:

      I welcome the inquiry, no need to apologize.

      I should have been more clear in what I meant as discrimination – I meant the catagorizing of groups of people based on irrelevent stuff like hair color, eye color, race, religion, etc. and denying them priviledges based on this stuff. Man invented that, not nature or the universe.

      We are all different and that’s the way it is intended. I look at it mathematically – equivalent (of the same value) but not equal (exactly the same.) Two five dollar bills are equivalent to a ten dollar bill, but they are also different.

      As far as the shortcomings, you are on sort of the right path. I am going there in a later post, so you will have to stop back. I will address that very issue. If you watched Friday’s video, it comes within the scope of “realm – principle #7”

      My oldest child is 27 and hopefully she is still learning from me.

      Thank you so much for your most intelligent questions. I promise I will be addressing them in upcoming articles (which I hope will give you even more questions).

  4. No excuses! Love it! Thanks for including me in the roster!

  5. Wonderful post! Too many times people rationalize why they can’t do something rather than coming up with a plan to get it done. People often do not realize that they, themselves, are the only ones holding them back. I always enjoy reading your articles.

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  7. Coincidentally, my blog was related this morning, so I included a link back to this post, as well. Cheers! Hanna

    • living4bliss says:

      I am wondering if this is coincidence or if we are all on the same page because we are all picking up on the same issues.

      There are so many times when I read my favorite blogs and say “I just wrote an article addressing that same topic yesterday” (I write once a week and schedule the posts.)

      I find that sometimes if I’m a little behind on my reading that I have to go back into a post that I just wrote and include an article that I just read. That happens a lot with your blog, BTW.

  8. There are so many occassions on which i have seen people telling excuses and i believe that telling excuses wouldn’t make people any good. nice article

  9. eof737 says:

    Great advice… they are easy to make and hard to shake… 😉

  10. Excellent post! As always, excellent food for thought.

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