Before I teach you how to predict your own future, I should prove my own psychic powers to predict the future.

I can predict exactly what will happen in my garden.  I predict that the bulbs that I planted last fall will be in bloom soon. I also predict that they will be beautiful.

I told you that I can predict the future.

Only I can’t remember what I planted. (That’s been happening more and more since I turned 39 again.)

Back to my psychic abilities.

I have the power to predict the future and so do you. I just proved it to you.

Skeptical? Hear me out.

Even though I can’t remember what I planted, I can predict that if I planted tulips, tulips will grow. If I planted daffodils, daffodils will grow. Whatever I planted will grow after its kind.

I also know that I planted something that I like. Why would I plant a flower that I didn’t like? So, I can predict that sometime in the future I will have flowers that I like in my garden. See, I told you I know the future.

Still not impressed? Maybe I’ll invest in a crystal ball prop. I’ve never been able to figure out why people will accept mystery over common sense, but maybe I need a gimmick. What do you think?

Gimmick or no, crystal ball or not, you can predict your future. Treat it like you treat your garden and you will know EXACTLY what you will get.

In case you are still skeptical, here’s an easy 3-step lesson into predicting the future. It works every time.

  • The future is automatic
  • The future reproduces after its kind
  • Nurturing the future helps in growth

Essential Principle #3 – Automation

The first step in predicting your future is to decide what you want to grow and then plant accordingly.

The universe takes over from there. It automatically starts the growth process without any further intervention from you.

Your job is planting. The Universe takes care of the growth miracle. The process begins immediately but it takes time before you see the first shoots and even more time before it blooms and produces fruit.

If it will make you feel more mysterious, you can make up some magic words to mumble as you plant. It adds drama if nothing else.

After its kind

When I was a kid, I loved to blow the tops off of dandelions. (You know when they are white and fluffy.) To me, it was nature’s built-in toy, to my parents, not so much.

They explained to me that by blowing the dandelion tops, I was actually spreading dandelion seeds and more dandelions would grow. I didn’t get it. To me the bright yellow dandelions were beautiful and I didn’t see why my parents were making such a fuss about having more of them. After all, they were FREE.

Who decided that dandelions were weeds? Society finally got me to see the light and like many dutiful suburbanites, we add dandelion killer to our fertilizer mix. Good thing I grew up and learned how ugly yellow can be.

The point is that the universe says that things can only grow after their own kind. The dandelion seeds produced dandelions, not roses.

Another prediction – Whatever you plant will produce after its own kind.

Now, just like dandelions, if you accidentally (or on purpose) planted weeds, you can always pull them up, but once they take root, it’s a constant battle. Dandelions and most weeds have a strong, long root system.

The best way to get rid of them is to choke them out with healthy grass. The more grass, the fewer dandelions.

The best way to create a better future is to plant lots of good now and pull up the bad weeds you planted in the past.

Now – make your next prediction – predict you will have a better future. Wave a magic wand around a couple of times for good measure. You may even want to invest in a top hat and cape.

Nurturing helps

Not only is it important to weed a garden, you must feed it, water it and fertilize it.

You must also nourish your dreams. Feed them daily by affirmations and visualization. Talk as if they have already happened.

They already have, it just takes time before they will be in full bloom. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t alive and growing.

Don’t forget to weed out doubt and naysayers – why doubt? I bet least YOU remember what you planted. Whatever you planted will come up automatically.

That’s the way the universe works.

You are part of the universe, so why would you be the exception? You are special, but not special enough to violate universal law.

Plant the right thing at the right time in the right place. Study and knowledge is the way to success. Learn as much as you can about how to achieve your goals. Practice often.

If you don’t carefully select what you plant, you may cause problems in your garden. You must study which plants need sun, which need shade, which need acidic soil, which need alkali, etc. Planting in the wrong place will cause your plants to die.

Want to amaze your friends and family? Plant something good in your life today and predict a bright, prosperous and happy future.

Wonder if crystal balls are tax deductible?

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  1. Dave says:

    Really enjoyed the context this was written. This was fun to read while passing on some good information.

    Thanks for an enjoyable start to the morning 🙂

  2. You did it again with another great post! Thank you, thank you. You inspire so many, myself included.

  3. Love this! Great blog! Thanks for including me in your related articles!

  4. Wow, this was such an inspirational post with some light hearted humor to compliment it! i absolutely loved your message here, and you did it with such grace. You took a profound truth of the miracle of life, made it practical and easy to grasp, and then lovingly placed it in our hands…..thank you for planting your own special seeds to the universal garden that we all share together. Well done and beautifully written! 🙂
    with love

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